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Published on June 30th, 2018 | by Tariq Ziyad


Deadly Nightshade- The Entity

Deadly Nightshade presents ‘The Entity’, a 10 track LP of full on dark, Euro influenced breakbeat hardcore techno

Nightshade, the source of Luke Cage villain, John McIver’s (The Bushmaster) power. Deadly Nightshade, a producer with a back cat of releases on labels like Switchblade Digital. ‘The Entity’, the latest album by Deadly Nightshade which we will unpack in the review.

The album begins with a high-octane, mood setting intro. Intense sci-fi inspired keys and pounding kicks lay the framework for whats to come

‘Oblisk’ is the first full length track of this LP. It’s fast, furious, euphoric yet super dark with acidic stabs and a bouncing break. This is dark rave at it’s most searing.

‘Twisted Love’ opens with a heavy amen break, scratch samples and Hip Hop vox. The action ramps quickly with a huge riff similar to the early Dave Charlesworth tracks of 91/92 and an array of different breaks. There is plenty of change all the way through from 91 bleeps to vengeful hoover stabs.

‘Let The Music’ rapidly increases the tempo and turns the darkness up to plus ten with horror like lead riffs, pounding drums and more angry hoover/mentasms shooting flames in the background. A bit of haunting piano introduces itself a bit later into the track.

‘Transcendence’ captures 1993 in a bottle already filled with lightning. The spooky sounds that were a stable of both darkcore/proto jungle and hardcore techno are put to great use in this rousing rave anthem.

‘Alien Uprising’ chimes with ominous radar signals and a sped up 91 style break. Twisted synths fly around like a 50s B Movie alien assault. If Ming The Merciless made rave music, it might sound like this!

‘Possessed’ keeps up the tasty recipe of crisp breaks and unleashes the hoovers like Mr Burn’s hounds! The hoovers drill in with marching drums before a euphoric interlude briefly breaks up the moonless night darkness! Once again, a great track that absorbs the various sub genres of rave, blending them into one seriously scary composition!

‘Salvation’ threads baleful horror flick like sounds into a frenetic 4×4 Hardcore Techno workout with Euro esque pads and Sl2/Seduction style keys.

‘The Chosen’ is manic rave at full blast! Bells, mentasms, skull crushing drums and menacing drops, only for the headstrong!

‘The Entity’ is 2018’s ‘Dark Stranger’, spooky vocal refrains, jungle breaks and fierce Belgian Techno riffs a la ‘Dominator’ and ‘Anasthasia’

The Tech Piano Remix of ‘The Entity’ ads in super spooky detuned piano to add to the aura of the original.

Overall, this is a great album full of influences from the early 91-93 rave era such as Rising High Records, Earth Leakage Trip and The Prodigy. Come and take a very enjoyable trip to the darkside!





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