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Published on November 7th, 2013 | by Mr No Hands

Interview with Italian DJs Discoforgia + Free Downloads

Today we’re joined by Fili Tha from Turin, Italy DJ act Discoforgia.


Firstly, what’s the craic with the brand new mixtape? Halloween is over – so what’s the poltergeist all aboot?

The mix was inspired by a weird fact that happened some weeks ago: I was locked outside my house (I live by myself) and didn’t know what to do. So I rang the bell and someone opened the door. But no one was inside. So I started to say there was a good ghost living in the house.

Holy Door Bell Repair man! That must have been freaky.

I remember the movie “Poltergeist” I saw when I was very young, scary movie actually, while this has nothing to do with nightmares. But it’s all about dreaming, I think. My new EP out soon will have a dreamy, hypnotic, hallucinatory but still lively and powerful feeling, so this sounded perfect.

Your poltergeist is clearly into bass.  Tell us all a little about your background in music…

My first love was 80s music, bands like Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, New Order and all Italo Disco kind of stuff. Then I discovered punk rock ì (The Clash, The Ramones…) and I wanted to learn to play bass guitar but, at the same time, we had that great period for dance music in Italy at the beginning of 90s (Black Box, 49ers and many others) and I started going to clubs and getting addicted to that new kind of “house” and “techno” music.

Later in the 90s I lived for 1 year in England and there I bought my first turntables and started djing. Bigbeat and breakbeat became my favourite electronic. Then I quit early djing and came back years later in 2009 with that new wave of electro, nu disco etc.


Wow, sounds like you’ve spun the genre wheel of fortunes a few times. What has been your all time favourite records within each of the genres you mentioned?

“Substance” by New Order

“London Calling” by The Clash

“Dreamland” by Black Box

“Dig Your Own Hole” by Chemical Brothers

“Orbital” by Orbital

Some real classics there…

Yes but there were many other electronic artists I loved through those years, such as italian Digital Boy, Josh Wink, Armand Van Helden, Speedy J, LFO, Junior Vasquez, David Morales, Future Sound Of London, Hardfloor, Joey Beltram, Larry Tee… Just some random names that used to raise my attention when I was buying vinyls.

What sound is doing it for you the most at the moment?

At the moment I like all that music that is melting old school, acid and break beat influences with more actual sounds. I also appreciate the new techno wave and the uk garage revival.

And i’m really bored by dubstep and by the EDM mainstream scene.


Do you think dubstep is starting filter out then?

Actually I’m not that good with music genres and I often make confusion with them. I like it when a track does not fit well in any them.

When I say Dubstep I mean the mainstream thing we have since 2009 I think. I never really loved it. Like something that was not understandable by my brain (my fault probably).

Any thoughts on what sounds might emerge in 2014?

I think music now is slowing down a bit and I like it. Producers are looking for a more “mental” and refined sound, longer tracks, re-discovering those sounds from middle and late 90s. Some tracks I’m starting to hear play very similar to some old records I’ve got. It’s good to me. I think we’ll start to hear more pianos, deep basses, hypnotic vocal samples, analogue drum machines sounds and everything spinning around 120 bpm.

Crowds are jumping to EDM mainstream music (like in Tomorrowland), I think they’re not really “dancing” any more. DJs in clubs want to bring people back to dance, to have and share an electronic music experience, to make a trip through the DJ’s skills and sounds.

But that doesn’t mean electronic music must be “sad” (I hear a lot of sad and boring tracks around), I think it should just be more flowing, a little smoother and warmer. And less “fat” bass-synth sounds in it. If you know what I mean

But when I predict something I’m very often wrong, so please don’t believe me!

Ha – too late – I believed everything. Fingers crossed you’re right.


So what ups next for Discoforgia? A new single out soon, right?

The single is called “Licked” will be extracted from the forthcoming EP (almost a mini-album with its 8 tracks).  I did a crowd funding to raise money for shooting a video for it and director Ortiche (well known in Italy for videoclips for the band Subsonica) is doing it.

Finally, tell us about this free tune you’ve just shared with us.

The free tune is a bootleg, a re-work of an old vinyl from 1995 I found in my library. I sampled it (you can hear the record noise in some parts), added a kick (it was completely kick less), percussions, snares, some effects on vocals and gave it a new structure and a mastering too.

Now I think it sounds very different and it’s ready for the dancefloor.

It certainly is. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, as well as your music. Big up!

Check out the new free download from Discoforgia below:

Discoforgia vs Idjut Boys – Knockin’ on Dave’s (Poltergeist Edit)

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