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Published on November 6th, 2013 | by Johnny Pluse

A Few Words With KraftyKuts

We Catch  up with The Bass  Monster Him Self  …. Krafty Kuts    . He  answers  questions about the Remastering of his famous Mixmag Cd , Girls , Marmite , Dogs &  Peanut Butter …


  Hows it goin krafty , are u in Rainy  England or Someware Sunny .

I am in rainy Brighton and its miserable as sin. En route to Reading Uni  to play a gig with Camo & Kroked, Dismantle, Cookie Monsta and DJ Hype.  Then I am off to Austria for another gig! No rest for the wicked and all that!


  Your covermount  Cd For MixMag   “Instant Party “  , which is getting  remastered .

 Was i have  to say  , with out sounding Like a Dick  , A ground breaking moment. I played to death at every party and in my car , It also introduced us a young lad called Askillz .  Can u Bring us back to that time  and explain  briefly the story behind it and how it was made.


Basically to cut a long story short my manager at the time was close friends with Mixmag, he introduced me to them, they really liked my music and suggested I did a covermount. I came up with a new different area of music than the magazine had covered before.  I basically spent hours putting together a really solid DJ mix.  It was first time they ever had a Breaks artist as a covermount.  I was honoured to be asked to do it, and it turned out it was one of the most popular CD’s they ever did.  Guess that’s the power of good music. 


 With The  Amount of  Muisc coming out  at the moment free and for sale , Do u think the “bootleg” sound is  smothering  original  Muisc  , and as label owner does this  Annoy U

Bootlegs can smother good music

 But because everyone is looking for the biggest and baddest tune to play out, you need at track that you can DJ that night, on an MP3 bootleg is a good option.

 Basically music has become very throw away and its easily accessible.  If people were buying music then there would be less choice, and it would be less disposable. There have always been bootlegs and there will always be bootlegs because people have really cool ideas.   Bootlegs can  introduce music into different genres.  But I definitely think as a label owner it has hindered the creativity of original music.

 What are ur festival highlights this year

There’s been quite a lot.  I’ve been to festivals all over the world this summer.  Some of my favourites broken down by country:

 In the UK, V festival.  Solfest, Shakedown Brighton and Kendall Calling were the best. Shambala Canada was incredible as always.    Outside Lands in San Fran was really cool as was City Music Lights festival in Michigan which was great.


 Is there any producers or DJs  u reckon we should keep an eye out for

Wilkinson, Marten Horger, Krossbow, Wicked City, Kosmo.


  Have u got any thing u want to Plug …

Latest release coming out called Jumpin – features 6 remixes from exceptional talent and one of the most amazing vidoes from my good friend Rod Evans.


  and Now for  a Standard Rockin n Roll Question ……

 How u been ever caught in a hotel with a girl thats had  peanut butter smeared  over her and a pet dog  by her side  ?

If you had said marmite instead of peanut butter then maybe. 


Krafty Kuts  ” Instant Party Just add people ” Out Now on Instant Vibes / MIxmag



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