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Published on October 4th, 2013 | by Mr No Hands

LSM asks DJ ‘Heezy’, What is Moombahton?

What is Moombahton, anyway? You may have heard it was a “fusion of Dutch-House and Reggaeton” or that it was “born in D.C. and bred world-wide” or that “Dave Nada spawned it by accident” and that it’s a “free bass music hybrid built around an international community”, whichever the case, all are true. But to really know and feel the sounds, here’s a little D-I-Y…

Firstly, load a true Dutch House record (by the likes of Chuckie and Afrojack) into Deck A. Pitch it down to 110-113 BPM and Key-lock if available. Cut out the bass, turn up the highs and mids quarter-way.

Next, drop an old-school reggaeton track into Deck B (like Shabba Ranks) match up the BPMs, cut the highs, turn down the mids quarter-way and turn up the bass! Play both in sync and hear the rudimentary upshot as Moombahton.

This crude melding of genres was inspiration enough to tug at the ears of bass-heads, electronic musicians and DJs alike to create tightly coiled productions that noted the style’s essential structure – a bouncy ~110 BPM 1-2 step; the syncopated toms, snares and bass from the Reggaeton ‘riddim’; and the squealing synth stabs and pitch-bent arpeggios of Dutch-House resulting in a “Midtempo global bass for the universe”.

Mega-Blasters like Diplo, Skream and Benga, Munchi, Sazon Booya, Knife Party, Dillon Francis and more hopped on the Moombah-train with banging productions and colorful remixes. To keep up with the wild fire, eventually, labels devoted the future of sound to Moombahton like, T&A Records, Rot 10 Musik, Mad Decent Records and a few others. It grasped the industry as something fresh, pioneering and with limitless potential, hence, hatching the many sub-genres that all create themselves a neat niche. Ever heard of Trapahton or Trompahton? How about Moombahsoul or Moombahcore? All are love childs of fusing Moombahton with popular genres to reach the diverse bass-head crowd.

Essentially American-made, Moombahton is crazy popular in birthplace Washington D.C. as it can be heard throughout the night just because the natives have something to call their own. Elsewhere its being picked up and Jockeyed by global-minded ambassadors of the night, like myself, but I’ve only had a few breaks to play it out. In my place, two mid-west jocks promoting, producing and playing Moombahton to popularity go by the names of Jay Fay (pending draftee of Mad Decent Records) and Heezy of Nasty Rumor Productions.

Interviews with both from my Hometown of St.Louis, Missouri would’ve been grand. With Jay Fay on tour, friend and collaborator: Heezy gladly linked with me at a Monday night Trap-step show endorsed by Nasty Rumor. A draped young man, a Marlboro in one and a rum n’ coke in the other hand says: “I connected with Moombahton right away! It has many sub-genres and Moombahcore was ‘go-to’ for my set at St. Louis’ Pulse Festival, because it’s loud and crazy for a big crowd!” Heezy considers himself a bass-head to the core with roots in the West Coast, his experience began with Dub-Reggae, Glitch-Hop, and Jamtronica. His influences were King Tubby, DJ Z-Trip, DJ Shadow, Deadmau5, and Astral Projection.

So I asked him: What are your thoughts and feelings on Moombahton?

HeezyIt is everything! Always evolving and changing…a ton of sub genres opening up to diverse ears…because there are elements in the music that sound familiar to many people, anywhere. Simply put… its some good natural vibrations.

Me: What are you doing to spread the word on Moombahton?

HeezyI am a promoter first, DJ second and producer last. I’m promoting the hell out of it right now. Got a couple Moombahton shows later this year and I promoted Sazon Booya a while back to St. Louis and my home-girl Stephanie “Dub Queen” Barclaybooked them. But really though, Jay Fay is doing the mid-west big with his productions and shows.

Me: Can you talk more about Jay Fay? What can you say on his behalf?

HeezyI’ll tell you a story of when I met Skream and Benga before their show in Minneapolis we got to talking about all bass-music and then Moombahton, up until they dropped Jay Fay’s name like: “He’s from St. Louis, do you know him?” I was like hell yeah, you know him!? They replied: “Yeah, we’re about to play his amazing remix of XXXChange’s Bounce and we’ve featured it our BBC Radio 1 show”… Then I tried to hit him up to let him know… since then, he’s been doing well for himself, busy, touring, producing, remixing… but I’ll tell you this and you can quote me, he’s going to get singed onto Mad Decent records with Diplo…

Jay Fay is entirely devoted to all that is Moombahton, that being said his productions and remixes are big-room loud with full intent to destroy the dance-floor! Striking you with thundering bass, low booms, portly synth rips and dripping with saucy samples! No bias he works with rappers, singers, house producers and dubstep.

Download by clicking the title below:

Bailey Smalls – Baby, I Love You [Jay Fay Remix]

Download by clicking the title below:

Bro Safari – Uncrushable [Jay Fay Remix]

Download by clicking the title below:

Soulja Boy – All Black Everything [Jay Fay Remix]


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What you should do to spread the dub on Moombahton — Sound the sirens, fire gun-shots, blow air horns, beat steel drums, turn up the bass, and set your pace to island time. Over and out.

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