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Published on September 2nd, 2015 | by Sid Wesley

Lusion – Voodooo *LSM Exclusive* + Interview

New talent alert! Residing in New Zealand, Lusion had kindly given us an exclusive of his breaks track ‘Voodoo’. With inspiration from artists such as as Daft Punk, ATB, Freestylers & Bomfunk Mc’s you can really hear them coming though! Finding his passion for dance music in the late 90’s, he was first exposed to commercial house in his early teens.

Not wasting any time, Lusion was still just 16 when he got his first set of decks. Also drawn to beat juggling and scratching, he had a particular appreciation for breaks and garage. At 22, Lusion got into event promotion giving him the opportunity to play alongside some of the best whist learning invaluable lessons about the music scene. In more recent times In recent years, he has really moved forward in musical production. Confident and mastering the art of groove, he aims to constantly bring it with every release.

Lets here a few words from the man himself:

1. How did you first get into music?
With dance music, I was lucky – when I was in my teens here in Auckland, New Zealand, we had a local r16 night club, ICON. It had a bigger sound system then any other club, it was themed like a cave, and was in a downtown basement! The dj’s there mostly worked for record shops and they would source all the good stuff from allover the world. I remember laughing at the kids at school when they finally got hold of Dj Jeans The Launch! This place really was amazing and it had it’s own subculture that I was deep into. It was a crazy positive place. I was lucky to have it. Made lots of friends there and the genres played varied on different nights, from speed garage gigs, to happy hardcore and everything you could imagine.

2. How would you describe your sound?
A broken up funky fresh soda pop opening, 2 steppin snare on the 3rd mid tempo booty shakin is this garage, short skirt, what’s your number kinda beat…. Some sort of break beat!

3. Could you tell us a bit about your new track?
There is an ICP track that I loved the intro of, Southwest Voodoo. It turns out they sampled X-Clan, so I did the same and ran with it! Whenever I sample, it usually starts with me wishing I could play a certain tune out or make it my style and it kinda turns into its own thing from there! I was also watching a lot of American Horror Story while making this tune so, that may have something to do with the Voodooness!

4. Who are your influences and who do you admire the most?
My influences are wild. From Michael Jackson and CDB to BUG Mafia, Eazy E, 187 Lockdown, A vs B, Orgy, La Familia and Danny Byrd. Overall it’s the early UKG sound that really stuck with me. I wish I could have ridden that wave as more than a fan! I think it comes through in my music though. I’m not stuck on a genre, I listen to Jazz, old funk.. all sorts of stuff. Who do I admire the most.. The Insane Clown Posse. Those guys built a culture and have millions of fans despite being spit on multiple times and having door after door shut in their face.. Hell of a wicked live show too.

5. What’s been your favourite gig?
As a fan.. it’s hard to mess with the production value of Defqon1.. The coolest gig iv played at was a local one we put on called Warp. The rule was broken beats and wobbly basslines. It had a really good turnout with a crowd that was hungry for fresh music.

6. What does the future hold for, Lusion?
I would love to get to play in the UK at some stage! In the meantime, i’m working on really owning my sound and getting it as polished as I can!

7. Everyone has a track they turn to when the chips are down, could you give us one of yours?
Jump in the car, especially when raining, drive out to the hills looking down on the city with Serious Danger – Deeper. Depending on the situation there’s always Tiesto & BT’s Loves Comes Again if i’m going to be honest here! lol.

Cheers bruv! Much love to the LSM Fam.

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