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Published on October 26th, 2019 | by Superstar DJ

Does Music still move Slang?

This is a bit of a detour from our usual style of feature but we haven’t had one since we looked at Double Dragon and, after seeing some interesting survey data, we thought it could be worth having a look at how society and pop culture is looking nowadays and how music fits into everything.

First thing’s first is the data itself, a survey conducted by designer phone case specialist, Tirita about all of the slang used by the current Generation – mostly to see how familiar older generations were with what the kids of today were saying. Unsurprisingly, the older you get the less likely you were to be down with the kids, but one of the things they asked which yielded some interesting results was “What do think influenced Generation Z’s slang the most?”

The results showed that, of those surveyed, 68% of the over 74’s thought that music was the biggest influence, as did 41% of those between 55-73. But the younger and more tech savvy you get the more the results shift, only 18% of Generation X thought that music was what influenced slang the heaviest and just 9% of Millennials.

But the really interesting thing is that the slang terms being quizzed (Dank, Yeet, Thicc, etc) are all primarily internet based, springing from social media and time spent online. Which, co-incidentally, is also why the Millenials and Generation X respondents also said social media was the biggest influence. So does this mean music has lost it’s crown as the big mover and shaker of pop culture?

Well, it’s debatable.

Anyone who’s ever added -izzle to a word has Snoop Dogg to thank for that and his once booming hip hop career, and of course we have DNB itself being slang for the best genre of music out there (obviously), so it’s still having an effect on what words we use and why. But even if music is the source of these slang terms, the vector is nearly always social media nowadays.

If we came up with a new slang term for a record player (like, say, calling it a Life Support Machine) then the best way for that to start spreading is by people reading this blog. Which you could either credit social media as the source or the music industry, though most would probably lean towards the internet and social media.

But sad as it may seem, it’s clear that music just isn’t producing as much slang as it used to. Big Shaq confirming that he’s still pretty chilly even in his puffer jacket aside, there’s not been that many big shifts in slang from the music scene lately. But who knows! Billie Eilish is starting to make some waves, maybe we’ll see some of that hitting our dictionaries soon.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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