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Published on May 4th, 2015 | by Sid Wesley

Noisily Festival 2015 Preview + Ben Coda Mix + Playing Artists Q&A

Tucked away in the serene Leicestershire countryside in one of the most beautiful wooded valleys England has to offer you’ll find the, Noisily Festival of Music and Arts. Cocooned amongst the trees is a warm welcoming festival that is the ideal setting to detach yourself from all the madness of the real world.



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Built on their mainstay of Progressive Techno, Noisily offers a diverse collection of music from Glitch Hop, Electro, Breaks, House and Disco from artists that are home grown and from abroad. Also adding to the spectacle is the vast array of performance and mind bending visual art plus some very cool innovative installations. Something for the ears and eyes to soak in.

Noisily 1


We have picked 5 artists that are playing for a mini Q&A session. Ben Coda, who we also have a promo mix from, Krossbow, Dutty Moonshine, Mini Da Minx and Specimen A were all asked about some of the top music in their lives and a quick festival survival guide to keep you safe and partying hard on a weekend of happy times.

Noisily 2


We asked all the artists the same 3 questions :

Q. 1 ) What is one of the biggest tracks being dropped in your sets right now?

Q. 2 ) What 5 things do you have to have at a festival?

Q. 3 ) Could you give us one track, any age, any genre that instantly brings on the goosebumps for you?

First off we have the House and Techno master, Ben Coda with his promo mix and answers.

A. 1 ) There are lots of massive tunes around at the moment but I’m going to have to go for the new, Nanoplex track ‘ Project A ‘ coming soon on Iboga.

A. 2 )  1. Copious amounts of alcohol – essential. Cider always goes down a treat

2. Food and water – it’s all to easy to forget to eat, but you’ve got to keep up the energy for a weekend session.

3. Wellies / waterproofs ( mainly at UK festivals ) and a sturdy tent.

4. Gameplan – check out the schedule / lineup to make sure you don’t miss your favourite acts. This will normally go out the window once the party starts, but it’s good to have some kind of plan.

5. The right attitude – leave real life at the entrance and get ready to lose yourself in the festival vibe.

A. 3 ) First one that came to mind is, Orbital – Halcyon + on + on, absolute bliss!

Next up we have the Glitch Hop heavyweight duo of, Krossbow.

A. 1 ) We’ve been playing the acapella of ‘Do Your Thing’, by Basement Jaxx, which we’ve cut with an edit of ‘French Club’, by The Noisy Freaks, for ages. As well as fitting harmonically, it just seems to fit really well. Grins all round when that one drops! We might stop playing it… One day.

You can find the tune in this mix below from last years Boomtown Fair festival :

A. 2 ) We both suggested a list for this one. We won’t say whose is which but what we will say is one of these lists is essential! You can decide for yourself which one…

Wet wipes, 40 pairs of socks, a tent, toothbrush and earplugs… or

‘Poisons’ of choice, fancy dress, sugary sweets, sunglasses and wellies.

A. 3 ) Individually we may have separate tracks with a deeper spine tingling affect, however we both share many a fond memory listening to ‘Fasten Your Seat Belt’, by Pendulum. Countless times we’ve been dancing around like chickens at silly o’ clock, inhaling cheap beer like it was oxygen. We still drop it in our sets because it really gets our knees up! 😉

Next in line is the bass heavy, vintage swingers, Dutty Moonshine. Mike and Danny hit us with their answers :

Mike :

A. 1 ) No one track can be called the biggest but a biggie and favourite we’ve been playing has got to be “The Living Graham Bond” feat. Shon B-Werk by Tomb Crew.

A. 2 )  1. Toothbrush ( can make you feel a new man )

2. Cured meat, lasts in the heat and tasty

3. Deodorant ( aka shower in a can )

4. Eyemask for sleeping in the day

5. A good book for chilling out between parties

A. 3 ) Jesus Christ, not an easy question. Probably “Concrete Schoolyard” by Jurrasic 5 a steazy classic!

Danny :

A. 1 ) Moocher – Max Farenthide

A. 2 )  1. Five bags of ganja

2. Skid Paper

3. Tootbrush

4. Torch

5. Money

A. 3 ) MMMBop – Hanson

The ever lovely and lover of all things Electro, Mini Da Minx, answers our questions next.

A. 1 ) You start with a hard question – It’s like choosing which child is you favourite! I’ll list Tundra by Paris & Simo and Merk & Kremont. It’s still one of the top 5 second year running.

A. 2 ) 1. Are we talking English festival or anywhere else where it doesn’t rain so often?? If English then No 1 – Wellington boots!

2. Then a novelty animal umbrella – last year a ladybird brolly saved one of my Glastonbury sets – it covered the mixer and CDJs in the big storm. It’s a must!

3. I’d never go without of tomato juice and all the ingredients for Bloody Marries in the morning.

4. Sparkly outfit or other dress up to join in the silliness.

5. Earplugs so I can sleep in the morning!

A .3 ) Again, difficult to pick one! Off the top of my head I’d say Windowlicker still brings up goosebumps after all these years.  It’s one of the tunes I was besotted with when I was properly getting into dance music.

Rounding things off we have Bass music supremo, Specimen A who gives us his comprehensive list of festival needs.

Get yourself a good tent ! The first time I went to Glastonbury I borrowed my friends tent and he failed to tell me it wasn’t a tent, it was a fishing hut ! Make sure its a nice comfortable tent that you can have some relaxing time in, the bigger the better and preferably one that has a proper roof. Secondly Money, lets face it, without money you can’t enjoy the festival in the way you want, so don’t turn up empty handed. Thirdly, Drugs. Whether you need to take care of that headache or get off your tits, at some time or another you may want some drugs, so think ahead. Wellington boots are a must. No one wants them outside of the festival but in a mud pit, the wellington boot wearers are loving it. To accompany those boots , I would suggest an umbrella too. On a brighter side of the weather debate, I also think you should pack some sun glasses and sun tan lotion. Who’s the Squinty eyed Lobster ? Oh its you because you forgot your sunglasses and sun cream. Don’t be that person, protect yourself! Booze is a good idea to take too unless you like waiting at the beer stand, also they don’t serve cider in 3 litre containers. Also I think you should take a torch and a sleeping bag so you can find your way back to your tent and sleep it off. All that packed in your bag and I think you are set!.

So with everything taken into account, Noisily sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a weekend. They are on their last tier of tickets for this event which runs from the  9th July to the 13th. So if you feel like this party is one for you then follow the links below to get involved.

Links to Noisily Festival :

Facebook Fan Page / Facebook Event Page / Tickets / Soundcloud

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