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Published on March 1st, 2017 | by Sid Wesley

Phibes – “Ain’t No Thing – A Glitch Hop Collection” Album Mix + Phibes Interview

Even though they’re always busy making their brand of Funky Breaks, D n B and Bass (under their INAPT guise), Phibes, have managed to find a window to sit down and create the rather spectacular ‘Ain’t No Thing – A Glitch Hop Collection‘. They’ve also very kindly sat down for an interview with us to, which you can read below.

‘Ain’t No Thing – A Glitch Hop Collection’ is the brand new album from Phibes, which sees them take their trademark Glitch Hop sound that hits as hard as King Kong giving you a pat on the back, and infuse with large amounts of Vintage Swing. There’s 10 tracks on the album in total, some old, some new and some favourites of the guys that have been given a 2017 makeover. There’s also a bonus track on the album of cuts n pieces for any producers out there who want a piece of the action. If that wasn’t enough, Phibes set a wee target on Facebook in order for them to release another Swing n Glitch tune. They easily hit the target and have very recently dropped their Funk Deluxe VIP mix of Caro Emerald’s ‘You Don’t Know Me’ for free! Catch that below and also hit that link to land yourself one hugely entertaining album!

Buy “Ain’t No Thing – A Glitch Hop Collection” here from Bandcamp.


Download Phibes remix here from Bandcamp.


As mentioned above, we managed to grab a few words with the beat making brothers, so here’s how it went down :


Phibes Interview


LSM : At what point did you guys decide that making music was what you needed to do?

Scott: When my uncle gave me a guitar at 15.

Ryan: When I saw, Titan Sound, DJing in my hometown. Hearing the Bombstrikes ‘Funky Drop’ mix, they were both pretty eye opening for me as a DJ.

LSM. How would you guys describe your sound?

Scott: Diverse? We have an in-house joke that we try and stick to certain elements of Hip Hop, scratching, musicality, bass and attitude. We like everything to have a certain “Funk” or umph in everything we do. Sampling is a big part of our sound, chopping, cutting and essentially picking the right samples to get a tune going. I don’t think we’ll ever go full electronic and not have some form of instrument/voice/sample sound being a centre part of the song.

LSM. It’s clear that you guys have a love for Funk. Where did that love come from?

Scott: I used to be in a funk band when i was younger, y’know when your 15 and you have that friend that listens to way to much Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Reads ‘Scar Tissue’? Listens to every band they were influenced by? All my friends were those friends so we started a band. We liked a lot of different music but we all agreed on the funk. I left it behind after studying it all for years until Ryan introduced me to electronic funky breaks and i was reminded how great it was.

LSM. Are there any producers out there that have inspired you to take the path you’ve taken with your production work?

Ryan: When we first started I narrowed down producers for Scott so he didn’t get lost in the sea of creativity, we wanted to try and concentrate on a certain feeling and sound, and I chose Featurecast, A.Skillz, Krafty Kuts, Opiuo, K+Lab and Nick Thayer, because to me they had the attitude, groove, production and very DJ-able qualities about a good portion of their tunes. Later on, when we started doing Drum n Bass, a flagship for bangers for us has to be Benny Page, Ed Solo and Deekline. Their collections sound great and equally work on the floor. We obviously listen to a lot but when it came to narrowing it down on what we wanted to sound like they were all big influences.

LSM. If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Scott: Last time i said Adele cause I’m a superfan, but this time I’ve had a chance to think about it so I think, Janelle Monae, would be the ultimate funk collab ..and I’m also a superfan.

Ryan: There’s so many, mainly singers, MC’s. It’s easier to work with people who have different skills to you, singers and instrumentalists work better with producers naturally, there’s no crossin’ lanes as much. Writing a tune with Caravan Palace or Caro Emerald would be great, equally, like a lot of ragga MC’s, Demolition Man, TopCat, Gardna, all great flows.

LSM. With the festival season still a speck on the horizon, have you been booked for any that you can mention? Are there any you’d really like to get a phone call from?

Both : Ay yi yi, it’s looking good! We can say that were going to Boomtown for the first time together which is gonna be mind blowing as all our friends are telling us. Glastonbury is looking 99%, there’s a lot, were putting a poster out very soon.

LSM. You’ve had a lot of success with your varying styles, but what made you decide that fusing Swing and Glitch Hop was the route to go down with your new album?

Scott: Coin toss.

Ryan: Not joking

Scott: Not joking. We decided on themed LPs for the foreseeable future. We understand that people like variation on an album but y’know, we are DJ’s, we don’t have a live band, we do not stop and let people clap at the end of every song, you cannot mix a Ragga Drum and Bass song into Swing, back to Funk, back to Swing, back to Hip Hop back to etc etc you see what I’m saying? Your fucking with the groove, the feet and the dancing. We wanted to release the album as a mix and we couldn’t do that without a theme.

Ryan: ‘Bust that Rhythm’ did so well and we had made more of them, they worked live, they worked together, so, lets release them together. We tried putting other styles on the album but it didn’t feel like an album.

LSM. Is there a track on the album that makes you both think “I’m pleased that one’s ours”?.

Scott: I love ‘I Gotta Woman’ man, like I’ve been listening back to that tune from its 2015 version and I just couldn’t bare to leave it like that anymore, I was just like come here, ima fix you up, make you beautiful again and send you off into the world all shiny.

Ryan: ‘Sway’, we literally wrote it in a day, but when we did the rig test it was hands down the best sounding in the big system, as I knew it would be, and Scott said it wouldn’t be.

Scott: Yeah i had egg on my face that day. A lot of people think were using full samples of the song’s but were not. Sometimes we use a bit yeah, but generally its all cut up. ‘Virginia Swing’ and ‘Ain’t No Thing’ are cut up, A LOT, you won’t find those runs in a single song. It’s a good feelin’ when you manage to trick the listener into thinking its all one piece when in fact you know it isn’t.

LSM. What can we expect from you guys in the future?

Ryan: We have a release on Bombstrikes dropping on the 3rd of March. were going back to Twerk/Midtempo roots with that one, a remastered ‘Aint That Fresh’ and 2 new tunes. So if you dug ‘Sound Of The Police’ it sounds a lot like that. Were workin’ on some big official remixes that we cant talk about but they’ll be dropping April time, and were writing our second album. This one we can say will be more Drum and Bass orientated.

Pre-order the ‘Raw 2 The Floor’ here from Juno.


Scott: There will be a ‘Ghetto Beats 4’ this year and a lot of free downloads.

LSM. Finally, when I was growing up, I wanted to be a mother f*ckin’ hustler. I now work in a factory so things didn’t quite work out for me in the hustling game. What did you guys want to be when you was growing up?

Scott: Easy mate, we wanted to be in the mighty ducks.

Ryan: i can`t top that, nailed it.

Thank you for your time guys.


Links for Phibes :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram

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