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Published on November 25th, 2014 | by Johnny Pluse

Pirate Jams – Exclusive Interview

1) Hows it goin  Lads , Your on a Bit Creast of a Wave a The Moment , Your New School Old Wharehouse  Vibes Seems to  be  Rockin the Shop.Do ya think younger People  are Getting Sick of the underproduced  EDM  Stuff and there Going Back to The  Good Old Days .

All good thanks.Just been busy locked away on our Pirate Ship making new beats.I’m sure you meant overproduced but whatever it’s a load of crap.It’s like the bastard son of Happy Hardcore but slower,that’s why Deep House became popular as it has soul and style.We just like the sound of the Old School but we’re trying to get it accoss in a new way but with our own take on it.


2)  Is it  True the Stanton  Warriors  Heard Your Tune  on The Radio and Then Signed you to Punks.

We gave a Dj mate of ours a CD of Happy Dayz which was our first single to test out, as they were playing in Brixton.It so happened that the Stanton Warriors were there too ,asked what it was and straight away wanted to sign it to their label,Punks


3)  You seem To be dabbling in All sorts of  Genres  form Acid House to Breaks , is this  a consious decision  from a Sales point of View  or  is it Part of your Old school  Ethos .

We make music for the love of being creative and buzzing in the studio,there’s no calculated agender and if it does make money then that’s just a bouns.


4 ) What  is your Opionion  on the So called State of the  Dance Music Industry

It’s a mess but you have soldier on and believe in what you’re doing is best for you and your brand.There’s always been blaggers and chancers,I guess there’s just more of them now.


5) Have u got any thing you  want to Plug …

Our latest EP Jams Vol 2 is out now.We’ve just also done a great remix of a track called Torture by Power Dress.They’ll be a Vol 3 at some point and we’re getting lots of requests to do more remixes.


6)   and Now for  a Standard Rockin n Roll Question ……

How u been ever caught in a hotel with a girl thats had  peanut butter smeared  over her and a pet dog  by her side  ?

Is that crunchy or smooth Peanut Butter?haha

No,nothing rock n roll yet,we’ve just started out but watch this space


Pirate Jams , The Jams Vol 2 is out now on Gutter Gutter



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