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New Releases Sonic Fortress - SF029 BOOPLATES!1 Limited Edition

Published on February 23rd, 2018 | by Tariq Ziyad


Sonic Fortress – SF029 BOOPLATES!1 Limited Edition

Sonic Fortress/Damage Inc & Raveskool Recordings present ‘Booplates’, a digital and CD VA comp of original and brand new Hardcore Breaks, Breakbeat Hardcore & Jungle Tekno from the likes of Paul Cronin, DJ Cdc, DJ Rave In Peace & more. Is this the start of a Hardcore Breaks revival? We hope so, the tunes here are raver ready and (feel real) good!!! We don a pair of white gloves and prepare to run down the tracks on this comp and why you have to buy it!!!

Amaretto ‘After Rave’ is a late 94/95 style breakbeat hardcore roller with soaring happy pianos that mash up with the heavy set amen breaks. ‘After Rave’ harks back to the ‘happy jungle’ era that combined the amen breakage of jungle with the uplifting vibes of hardcore. Brace yourselves for a stealth blast of angry hoovers mid way through this fire tune!

D.I.B. Dub ‘Imagine (Imagine If We Could Go Back In Time)’ blends early 90s UKG with the bouncing scratch n’ breaks used in 2 Bad Mice ‘Bombscare’. A saccharine sweet R&B vocal gives way to a tough b line with a nod to DJ Zinc.

DJ Cdc ‘I Need That Drug (Ecstasy)’ see’s Dance Music Organisation boss, DJ Cdc revisit the dark early 92 sound of Reinforced Recs and Moving Shadow. This trippy Star Trek sampling slammer will bring back memories of ACEN, DJ SS and the dark masters of early 90’s rave.

DJ Rave In Peace ‘Triptastic’ takes it even further back into 1990/91’ territory. DJ Rave In Peace is one of the best producers in the NuSkool Breakbeat Hardcore scene, always authentic but never afraid to experiment. This fine offering takes its cue from the proto hardcore sound of GTO, Shades Of Rhythm & Earth Leakage Trip.

Damage Inc. ‘Asamuffin’ warms the soul with uplifting piano while inspiring terror with the contrasting dark shards of synth that come together for this beastly riddim. Damage Inc. go pure oldskool with a dark/light combo that re imagines 92’ all over again.

Damage Inc. ‘Don’t Go (Back To 82)’ is powerhouse hardcore to the max! Pumping Euro Trance meets spliced and diced hardcore breaks for this tear out monster of a tune!

Damage Inc. ‘Joy Of The Prodigy Dancers’ mashes up Foul Play ‘Thru The Vibe’ with The Prodigy ‘Death Of The Prodigy Dancers’ with incredible skill. Everything fits in its place and works a treat! Watch this one annihilate the rave!

Kitchen Sink Ravers ‘Jungle Tekno’ is quite simply mental! A frantic and fast blast of ecstatic synths, relentless beats and samples. There’s a bit of early 90s Prodigy influence in there and a strong influence of the more ‘out there’ oldskool artists like Naz aka Naz and Force Mass Motion, insanely fun!!!

Neurygma ‘The Return Of The Jedi’ is the Canary Island crew’s contribution to ‘Booplates’, it’s melodic, the production is absolutely solid with a great blend of the oldskool and hardcore breaks sound. It also features a great big Star Wars sample. Stick this on the decks and unleash a powerful ravin’ force!

Paul Cronin ‘Coca Cola’ is as off the wall as you would expect from the hardcore captain Cronin! 80S pop anthems get utterly liquidised in the hardcore blender with a bit of PM Dawn and a whole lotta hardcore musical mayhem!!!

Swedger ‘Catahan Combat’ is a break from the Mutant Bass bangers this artist is known for. Imagine ‘ummagumma’ era Pink Floyd in a soundclash with the 2010-2014 J Tek/Future Jungle sound and you’re somewhere close to the style of this track which features a fear inducing slo mo breakdown.

If you enjoyed ‘Booplates’ then keep your ears peeled for ‘Booyaka’, a 30 plus track VA presented by Sonic Fortress & Raveskool Recordings coming this March!

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