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Published on April 3rd, 2017 | by Mr No Hands

Summers In, Smokings Out – My Guide to Vaping

Summer is nearly here and this got me thinking.

I’ve been off the ciggies for two years now which is awesome. I’ve tried and failed numerous times to quit since about 2007. I had NHS support, patches, chewing gum, the lot. The longest I went for was an epic nine months but do you know what scuppered me?


There’s something irresistible about summer weather and smoking. I think it’s a combination of beer gardens, cheap fags on holiday, festivals and of course, not freezing your ass off.

What’s kept me off the cigs for this time is vaping.

I love vape. I’ve become a part time hobbyist and have a draw dedicated to all the parts and juices. Plus, I enjoy it – just like I enjoy smoking. I couldn’t sustain not ever smoking cause I like smoking as do all smokers – otherwise no one would do it.

This is the secret to quitting – sustainability. Vaping is not about quitting for me, it’s about not getting cancer, sustainably!

The NHS and cancer research support this notion. Reports say it’s 95% safer than smoking – long term! What’s not to like? I’ll take 95% odds any day! Especially when the alternative is to repeatedly go back to smoking. It means I can keep nicotine reliance at bay and enjoy all benefits of smoking like getting out of awkward social encounters and having something to stop me biting my nails when I drive.

So – why am I telling you this?

Because its summer and you might be having the same battles with smoking as I have had over the years. So stop fighting it – give vaping a go. It’s awesome and potentially lifesaving.

But I know it’s a wee bit complex to get into so I am passing on the benefit of my learnings to get you set up properly from day one.

Firstly – Budget…

I started vaping to replace the cigs. I bought some cheap disposable thing like this. This was ok for a week, but its flaws and lack of taste just grated me once the novelty wore off. I upgraded a few times until I settled on a decent Kangertech starter kit, wasting quite a lot of money in the process.

So take-away no.1, just get something decent in the first place.

There’s an amount of upfront cost in getting the gear, but the liquids are cheaper than fags. You will save a small fortune overall by making the switch. Therefore, you can afford to buy something decent and enjoyable. Don’t waste your time with anything cheap and nasty – both kit and liquids.

So, what to get…

Below I’ve highlighted a few decent vaping starter kits for you to choose from depending on how brave you are! All are brilliant – just vary in output.




Aspire do really good gear and this kit is fantastic to begin with. It’s quite small and light weight. The battery can produce a variable wattage between 3.3v and 4.7v which is both plenty and easy to dial down if you’re scared of it!

The Nautilus Mini tank is generally considered one of the best you can get for its class. The coils are easily replaced and the starter kit comes with five spares. It’s a bit pricey though compared to some others @ £49.99.




I’ve used this for probably the longest out of all my kits. I still go back to it from time to time. It is cheap, versatile, vapes well, has a large tank that holds enough liquid for maybe two days. The coils are easy to replace, it’s easy to fill. It’s just an all-round no-nonsense piece of kit.

The only downside is that the paint chips, but I like that in the same way I like used, beaten up guitars, you know? No one likes bands with shiny new equipment, it just looks manufactured and cheesy. I wanna see chips in the paint. At £29.99, it’s a no brainer.




This is similar to the Kangertech, but newer, nicer, posher… Worth the extra money in my opinion. The battery has more bite, its slicker, better built. Its 40W max output means you can crank it up and get tons of flavour. Its OLED screen displays the variable wattage level.

The tank uses Innokin’s unique SlipStream system and it comes with a heat-resistant “Delrin” mouth piece which is a nice touch. This is a seriously cool piece of kit. Typical price: £54.99.




Finally, I couldn’t go without mentioning SMOK, my new fav brand. Their entry level kit is every bit as good as fans have come to expect from Smok. I think this looks the coolest too.

Like the other two, it’s small and compact and capable of a 40w output. What makes it special is that Smok do 0.4 and 1.0 Ohm “Helmet coils” – both included with the kit. The lower resistant coils make it ideal for “mouth-to-lung” and “direct-to-lung” – the true “sub-ohm” experience. Also, the tanks larger with a 2ml capacity so it’s better for those who vape a lot. SMOK tend to offer good value for money too with this one costing £49.99.


Eliquids of the day

The fun really starts when it comes to eliquids. There are literally tons of flavours and brands to pick from and I’ve had some right duffs so pick wisely and try before you buy where possible. Here’s some of my favourites.

Element – Some of my favourites have come from these guys. I pretty much recommend all and any. They include Banana Nut, Fresh Squeeze, Apple Acai, Pink Lemonade and their “Emulsions” range is awesome too.

Lost ArtsBeez Knees is probably my most-vaped liquid. It’s sweet like honey, but much darker and suitable to vape all day long.

Dinner Ladies, Lemon Tart – This has to be the best liquid on the planet and I don’t even really like Lemon Tart very much! It is so damn good you’ll want to save it for special occasions. I really need to try the Rice Pudding flavour.

Lost Fogs – Really popular brand and generally pretty good (though a bit hit ‘n’ miss IMO). Try their Streek liquid. Strawberry’s and Greek yogurt. It’s one of the best liquids out there.

So there you have it – go get your vape on! Let me know how you get on.

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