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Published on March 24th, 2019 | by Tariq Ziyad


VA-All The Rave-1991 (Mixed By Luna-C)

Kniteforce presents the first in a new compilation series ‘All The Rave-1991 (Mixed By Luna-C)’, and the theme is (you guessed it) 1991 rave music!

Luna-C compiles and mixes the first in a new mixed artist album series. ‘All The Rave-1991′ features original 1991 tracks and brand new tunes in the style 9f 91’ hardcore. Just take a look at some of the names on this huge tracklist- Hyper On Experience, Liquid, Sublove (Jody Wisternoff & DJ Die) and more. Lets rave up the DeLorean and make like Marty McFly!

The album comes as a double CD and 12″ vinyl bundle with a full DJ mix, 11 unmixed tracks on the CD plus 4 tracks on the vinyl including a bonus track not on the unmixed CD. The mix itself features several additional tunes making this a truly unmissable package.

Anyone who bought ‘rave’ compilations back in 1991 knows they were often a mixed bag with too many radio edits and some not so great tracks bundled in with the bangers. Without exageration, it’s fair to say you would not have found a VA as good as this new Kniteforce album back in 1991!

A huge energy jolt of a tune begins this LP, a track by The Panacea called ‘Hysterie’ that mashes up a bit of classic Love Decade, a dash of Isotonik, some Hackney Hardcore and plenty of early rave electricity and hyperactivity!

Liquid contributes the dark Belgian Techno/Progessive/Breakbeat Hardcore hybrid ‘Phormicide’ where deep throbbing techno riffs swim in a sea of 303s and the NWA ‘Express Yourself’ break. No one makes tunes like Liquid, always blurring the lines between genres and making musical hardcore that bangs like the best of bangers.

Shadowplay kicks a ‘Hole In The Speaker’ with some 91′ style darkcore/jungle tekno a la Doc Scott, Tango & Ratty, & DJ SS. Amen fueled, mentasm mayhem with not a piano in sight!!! Premium dark rave excellence!

DJ Jedi propels the album with powerful forwrad ‘Inertia’ , hurtling breaks and synth stabs that salute the anthems of the golden era in a fresh way.

Next up is a stone cold Sublove gem that could cost you as much as £70 if you want to get scalped on Discogs. ‘Maniac Music’ is a seminal slice of Bristolian rave with a memorable hook, precision beats and housey pianos. Pretty much every oldskool DJ absolutely caned this badboy at all the big raves.

After one legendary contribution comes another straight away! Hyper On Experience send some positive ‘Vibrations’, a tune very much in line with the experimental style of HOE. There’s a nice rawness to the keys, some totally lush Italo pianos and a unique bounce and flavour to this stand out track,

Liquid remixes Audio X’s ‘Set Your Feelings Free’ into anthemic piano-core with punchy Euro-Rave stabs and the warmth and optimism of early oldskool. This one’s bound for the rewind at any festival or the next Moondance!

Jimmy J & Cru-l-t give their monumental ‘Six Days’ a 1991 retrofit that is so good, it defies an ample description. The clever re-arangement of the 1994 stomper’s parts is truly brilliant. It’s all there from the familiar riffs and perennial piano/vocal combo, but it sounds 100% like a 91 tune!

Luna-C’s ‘There Is One’ bristles with rampant energy and euphoria. The beats slam hard, the uplifting chords contrast perfectly with the H.A.R.D mentasm riffs of this fireball of a tune!

Pete Cannon’s ‘Here We Go Again’ is the very definition of a roller. It’s all about those rolling amen breaks, hardcore piano and Suburban Base/Reinforced inspired keys.

Wislov’s ‘Do You Feel The Rave’ sounds like it came from the legendary Fantazia-The First Taste album. Thundering beats, echoey, open air style riffs and high pitched vox bring out the fire in this power-driven tune!

Luna-C & Saiyan wind things up with the melodic ‘No Errors’, the ‘Kniteforceist’ tune on this Kniteforce release with ‘Piano Progression’ inspired epic piano!

The vinyl features tracks from Shadowplay, Wislov, Jimmy J/Cru L T and a bonus track from Luna-C, a proper ‘ard ‘ardcore techno tune called ‘Closer’ in the style of LA Style, Beltram and DJPC- a full on stomper!

Grab this one here Be quick! Serious FOMO alert on this must have CD!



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