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Retro Video Games

Published on August 1st, 2018 | by Fifties


Vintage Video Games #38 – Double Dragon

Before Streets of Rage, before we had Battle Toads … we had the hugely entertaining Double Dragon. It first appeared in our arcades in 1987 followed in 1992 by a release on the Megadrive which is shown here. Although the Mega Drive/Genesis has a smaller color palette than the arcade original, due to the more powerful 16-bit hardware it actually fixes all of the slow down problems from the original arcade game. This version came closest to the arcade version at the time.


Billy and Jimmy Lee are two hard as nails dudes who share everything – the same fashion sense, the same hairstyle, the same deadly martial arts skills and even the same girlfriend! They also share a common hatred of arch enemy, Mr Big. So, when this vermin of crime arrives at their doors and steals their lady, they are obviously a bit annoyed! They swear vengeance and off on their mission they go …. The game is divided into four different stages or “missions,” which consist of a city slum, a factory, a forest, and the gang’s hideout.

The players encounter seven different types of enemies during the game; with the exception of Linda and Willy, all have two different skin colors:

  • Williams: A low-ranking member of the gang, who can use bats, knives, and dynamite.
  • Rowper: Another low-ranking member, who can use the same weapons as Williams and also throws rocks, oil drums, and boxes.
  • Linda: The only female member, and the only one who will pick up or carry a whip to the exclusion of all other weapons.
  • Abobo: A tall, bald, shirtless gang member who can throw heavy items.
  • Jick: The boss of the first stage, identical in appearance to Abobo except for the addition of a beard, larger eyes and a Mohawk hairstyle.
  • Jeff: The boss of the second stage, who is a head swap of the Lee brothers.
  • Willy: The leader of the gang, and the final boss. He carries a machine gun whose bullets can instantly kill Billy and Jimmy, and he never drops it when knocked down.

Cooperative Mode – that’s when the fun starts!

How to play:

Get your Megadrive Emulator HERE
Get your Double Dragon ROM HERE

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