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Retro Video Games

Published on July 17th, 2019 | by Fifties


Vintage Video Games #40 – Elf

As anyone who follows this feature knows, I did enjoy a good platform game back in the day and this was one of the best! Elf is action game with light adventure rpg elements.

Plot: Cornelius the Elf was living peacefully in a forest with his sweetheart Elisa. However, an evil creature known as Necrilous the Not-Very-Nice kidnapped Elisa and disappeared with her. Cornelius must embark on a perilous journey to rescue the love of his life. He is armed with a ring that fires at enemies. During the course of the game he can collect herbs and pets which can be traded in shops for upgrades such as stronger attacks, extra speed, magic spells, or devices such as a flying machine.

The game keeps track of the player character’s behavior, assigning the player a rating and affecting the ending scene depending on the protagonist’s actions, which mainly involve killing or sparing the lives of the game’s non-hostile characters. The protagonist’s health is measured in hearts and lives, which can be replenished or increased. The player can save the game between stages.

Highlights: The incredibly cute graphics are awesome even today. Also the cheat that gave you a permanent flying machine and immune from damage induced by falling … it would of been a VERY tough game without it.

How to play: Sadly,  I could not find a way to play Elf again. If anyone knows of a good Atari emulator on a Mac drop me a line!


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