20 Years of Finger Lickin’ Records Boat Party

Whilst there hasn’t been any Finger Lickin’ Records releases for a good while now, the music released on the label remains on the lips of pretty much every Breakbeat fan worldwide, simply because it’s all so damn good! Mention Finger Lickin’ to any Breakbeat fan and what they won’t tell you is the last time they had a KFC. What they will do though is start rolling off names of their favourite tracks and then go on to talk about the people that made them and how they wish the ones that aren’t around anymore still were around.

To some degree, those problems are about to be resolved as label bosses Justin Rushmore and Jem Stone (Soul Of Man) have very recently announced a little get together on The River Thames in September, where a few of their friends from the label’s roster will be joining them to spin a few records on the 1’s and 2’s, in the hope that some us Breakbeat fans will go and join them to celebrate at the “20 Years of Finger Lickin’ Records Boat Party”!

I for one got very excited about the news of a Finger Lickin’ boat party when I first got wind of it a few weeks back because the lineup that was due to be announced. That lineup has now been announced as you can see on the artwork for this post that has once again been masterfully created by Jem as always. We’ll get to the artists playing on the boat in a sec, but the boat party itself is being held on the 28th September and to find out how to get your hands on tickets that are unsurprisingly selling like hotcakes, CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!

So, lets get the those who are playing at this amazing party by announcing them below along with a top tune of theirs from back in the day on Finger Lickin’. If you’re sitting comfortably, let’s go!


Lower deck of the boat party we have :


Plump DJs


Krafty Kuts


Lee Coombs




On the upper deck of the boat party we have :




Drumattic Twins


Stereo 8


And of course, label booses themselves Soul Of Man


That should have whet the appetite and if that’s the case, go grab a ticket!!!

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