Mike Freear (Slamboree) – Music For The Prodigal Generation (A Keith Flint Tribute)

As I consider myself as one of the biggest Prodigy fans on the planet, I’ve listened to several tribute mixes for our fallen warrior Keith Flint. I can say for certain though that I haven’t and quite possibly will not hear one as impressive as this one from Slamboree‘s top man Mike Freear.

Mike’s tribute mix was actually first aired at this years Glastonbury Festival on the Truth stage at Shangri-La. A few names had been floating about social media as to who would be doing the tribute mix, but it was Mike that took it on and instead of letting the burden of such a task weight him down, he channelled all the positive energy The Prodigy have supplied him with through their music over the years to create a mix that can only be described as a real masterpiece. The way it has been constructed, the samples, influences and the different versions of The Prodigy’s music, along with a hefty amount of their own classics,  leaves you in doubt as to just how much time and hard work was put in by Mike to achieve something so staggeringly brilliant.

I’m not gonna lie to any of you, Mike’s mix is an emotional rollercoaster and a lump in my throat appeared several times, so don’t be surprised if the same happens to you and if it does, don’t worry, it just means you care.



‘Omen’ – The Prodigy
“It’s the most powerful feeling in the world” – Sample from Keith Flint
‘Firestarter’ (Torre Florim Cover) – The Prodigy
Drum sample from ‘We Will Rock You’ – Queen
‘Firestarter’ (DIY Acapella) – The Prodigy
‘Poison’ – The Prodigy
‘Firestarter’ – The Prodigy
‘Omen’ – The Prodigy
‘Baby’s Got a Temper’ (Acapella) – The Prodigy
‘No Man Army’ (feat Tom Morello) – The Prodigy
‘Serial Thrilla’ – The Prodigy
‘Wind it Up’ – The Prodigy
‘Breathe’ – The Prodigy
‘Funky Shit’ – The Prodigy
‘Shit!’ & ‘That some serious gourmet shit!’ – Sample from ‘Pulp Fiction’
‘Outta Space’ – The Prodigy
‘Charly’ (Alley Cat Mix) [Freear Redux] – The Prodigy
‘Take Me to the Hospital’ – The Prodigy
‘Girls’ – The Prodigy
‘Spitfire’ (Future Funk’s Squad’s ‘Dogfight’ Remix’ – The Prodigy
‘Warrior’s Dance’ – The Prodigy
‘Everybody in the Place – 155 and Rising’ – The Prodigy
‘DJM’s Prodigy Scratch Tribute’ – DJM
‘What Evil Lurks’ – The Prodigy
‘Spitfire’ – The Prodigy
‘Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)’ – The Prodigy
‘One Love’ – The Prodigy
‘Climbatize’ – The Prodigy
‘Narayan’ – The Prodigy
‘Wake the Fuck Up’ – Liam Howlett
‘Fire’ – Arthur Brown
‘Hyperspeed’ – The Prodigy
‘Their Law’ – The Prodigy
‘Outta Space’ & ‘Omen’ Orchestral Samples from ‘Tribute To Keith Flint’ – The Prodigy Orchestra Medley
‘Omen’ – The Prodigy
‘Omen’ (Noisia Remix) – The Prodigy
‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) [Freear Remix] – C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams
‘Break & Enter’ – The Prodigy
‘Hyperspeed’ – The Prodigy
‘Twist ‘Em Out’ (Blunt Instrument Crunk mix) [Freear Redux] – Dillinja
‘Voodoo People’ – The Prodigy
“‘avin a great show” – Sample from Keith Flint
‘Smack My Bitch Up’ (Freear’s Tribute Remix) – The Prodigy
‘Nana (The Dreaming)’ – Sheila Chandra
‘No Good’ – Orchestral Sample from ‘Tribute To Keith Flint’ – The Prodigy Orchestra Medley
‘No Good’ – Lisa Stansfield (Acapella)
‘Give the Drummer Some’ – Ultramagnetic MCs
‘Amen Brother’ – The Winstons
‘Hard Times’ – Pablo Gad
‘Piranha Experience’ (Freear Mashup) – ‘Weather Experience’ & ‘Piranha’ (DIY Acapella) – The Prodigy
“I was in erm, Liverpool” – Sample from Keith Flint
‘I Am Keith Flint’ (Freear Tribute Mashup)
‘Firestarter (from Keith Flint Tribute – The Prodigy Orchestra Medley)
‘Flint!’ sample by Aria Kalikat
‘Firestarter’ – The Prodigy

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