311 – Prisoner (Cut La Roc Remix)

Cut La Roc has recently released a new free track and the story, told by himself, goes like this:

“Back in 1997 I did a remix for a band called 311, the track was called ‘Prisoner’ Miles at Mercury (Can’t remember his 2nd name) commissioned the remix, they LOVED IT but it didn’t ever get released because silly old me stuck a huge Quincy Jones sample into it (fail) Aaaaaanyway, recently a guy hit me up on Facebook saying he’d bounced the remix from a cassette and would I like a copy, naturally I said yes! So here it is!”

: After reading that story, we’d love to shake the hand of the guy who hit up Cut La Roc to make this release possible because it is a mighty fine example of broken beat music at its very best. The Hip Hop led track has a deep funky groove that’s backed up by the dopest beats that even when listened to 10 times in a row, don’t lose their cool and addictive flavour the next time you listen to them 10 times in a row! This is one of those nuggets of gold you’ll always be glad you discovered and to top it off, it’s all yours for free.


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