45/7 Vinyl Club #59 Artist: Daytoner

Avid vinyl collector Daytoner has joined the illustrious list of DJ’s who make up 45/7 Vinyl Club‘s outstanding monthly mix series that lays praise to the small yet trusty slice of wax.

As I’ve been a fan of Daytoner’s for a good while now, my eyes lit up when I caught sight of his mix on 45/7 because I knew how things were gonna go down and I knew his selections would be top-drawer and I’m please dot say I’ve not been disappointed and neither will you! Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bboy Breaks, downtempo beats and Indie from way back in the day, right up to the present day with a few newer tracks from his good friends SmooveAldo Vanucci, The Allergies, 45 Live and Dinked Records. Feel good and feel happy by hitting that play button now!


Links for Daytoner :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Mixcloud / YouTube / Twitter / Instagram


Links for 45/7 Vinyl Club :

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