A-Sides – Unreleased Part 2

Kniteforce and A-Sides take us back 92 with the ‘Unreleased Part 2’ EP featuring some well ‘arrrrd-core tunes!!!

Cast your mind back to late 1992 and you may remember a tune called ‘Bun Cali Weed’ by A Sides, the now renowned DnB producer. The track appeared on the 3nd Kaos Theory compilation and was very noticeable for the stand out production style. The reason I mention this? A-Sides – Unreleased Part 2 is out MAy the 5th on Kniteforce Revolution with 4 tracks very much in that vein.

People (Come On) kicks off with a pounding 4×4 kick, introduces the breaks before a quick blast of trumpet like hoovers a la Top Buzz. It’s like House music meets Hardcore meets Proto-Jungle moving from rasping synths to proggy strings at rapid pace!

Narrow Boy begins in the manner of a thumping Techno tune with the breaks seemingly paying tribute to the late Caspar Pound. Ominous rumbles and dark Reinforced Recs stabs sweep in taking things in a dark direction.

Brothers In Arms begins with some familiar samples and break patterns and a huge section of smile inducing piano. A Technarcy influenced mid section breaks things up nicely on this Jungle Techno gem that takes the tropes of the time and refreshes them.

Seventh Heaven will get you moist in the yes with it’s string filled opening as will the sublime piano. The track flips into some stabby Jungle Tekno business before a completely unexpected drop of scratch samples and ‘boogie down’ vocals.

These tracks are unmistakably Hardcore but they also bear the hallmarks of the Drum & Bass A Sides would go on to make. Available from Kniteforce Revolution on 05/05/22

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