A.Skillz – We are your friends (AC DC / Love Sensastion / Mash up)

If you’ve been to see A.Skillz play in a club or at a festival in the last few years, there’s a very good chance you will of lost your sh*t and danced like no one was watching to his massive Justice / AC DC / Loletta Holloway mashup and if you loved it, you can now own it for a couple of quid. It’s a track A.Skillz has reluctantly put up for sale because it’s one that is close to his heart and one that has been kept in his private collection for a very long time because as we all know, every DJ who makes their own music always keeps a few bangers close to their chest so they can rock a party like no other.  Such are the times though, funds need to be raised and this banger has been let loose so if you can, appreciate it to its fullest by popping it in your cart to add to your collections.


Buy A.Skillz mashup here on Bandcamp.


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