Abstractions : Jungle Techno Breaks [Top Drawer Digital]

Top Drawer Digital presents a 15 track mixed artist compilation celebrating the sound of Hardcore Rave & Jungle Tekno with forward facing tracks from the likes of Lucas, Strange Rollers, Swankout, Radiokillaz, Beagle, dYstance and more.

Label boss Lucas kicks things off with a Deep, Progressive 4×4 JUngle Tekno roller ‘Illegal Gathering’ merging sharp kicks with shaky breakbeats, sweeping synths and Techno stabs plus a sample of what is presumably the police breaking up a rave.

Next, dYstance builds an aura of warehouse raving with more police samples, warehouse bleeps and soundsytem sub set to a rolling break that evokes a feeling of raving in Sheffield back in 1990. The bleeps of ‘Skank n Run’ give way for a round of brutal hoovers that usher in an early Hardcore vibe to the proceedings.

K-65 lets the hoovers out of the DAt tape box for ‘Next Number’ where Black Riot @Day In The Life’ stabs dance frantically with robust basslines and thumping breaks that point towards the future of rave.

Something System revisits the sound of 2009, a super underground sound known as J Tek propelled by straight up four to the floor beats, breaks and Ron Wells inspired melodic, dark Techno at 140BPM plus. ‘Cortez’ powers along with aplomb and swagger flashing jagged laser riffs and stab patterns from the Basement Records playbook (for those who know).

Beagle goes full ‘Impact’ with a slice of pure oldskool 1993 Jungle Tekno a la Jack Smooth with superb driven breaks, dark punchy stabs and a lush mid section that precedes a murky Techno assault to truly ‘push up the levels.’

Studio whizz, Sanxion pulls off another spectacular slice of Nuskool Hardcore with the deep, dreamy proto-jungle chords and dextrous beats of ‘Off World Vehicle’ juxtaposed by Amiga style stabs, bouncey kicks and a breaks wizardry galore.

Radiokillaz drop ’20 Dollars’, a signature killaz rugged slice of Junglistic breaks with trippy samples and dubby FX perfect for a one foot skank!

Lucas manipulates the classic Reese bass into a dark, ethereal roll out on ‘Past Present Future’ with fearsome choral riffs, tense drops and Sci-Fi like soundscapes.

Trident’s ‘Deep Darkness’ continues the deep space horror like vibes with pulsating, rapid beats and breaks, nerve wracking 2 note hits and sonic blasts of beast mode bass that could clear asteroid belts!!!!

dYstance ‘The Thirst’ is the monolith that leads the chase into the wormhole with slick audio design and chiling atmos with a cinematic grandeur or to put it in simpler terms, a sound akin to Kubrick making Hardcore!

Rawtrachs hammers deep into the psyche with the war drums and musical terror of ‘Chamber’ where Grime meets Techno in a soundclash officiated by Fabio & Grooverider.

Strange Rollers urges that you ‘Save Your Self’ with a warning shot of bombscare breaks, rampant 303s and Lovecraftian strings with a sense of imending doom.

Swankout gets ‘Futuristic’ with booming subs, filtered breaks, Dj Crystl ‘Warpdrive’ style drops and mind bending sections of bass led beat juggling.

Pressa gets us ‘Poppin’ with Grime instrumental metallic stabs, floating organ riffs and stargazing synths set to a propulsive dusty break from the annals of broken beats.

D3 brings ‘Abstractions’ to an end with the Proto Hardcore influenced ‘No U Turn’, a track with strong early Moving Shadow vibes, proggy power riffs and breaks from the birth of rave taking things full circle to complete a masterful compilation that will be enjoyed by Gen X Hardcore heads and Nuskool ravers alike.

Abstractions : Jungle Techno Breaks is available for Pre Order on the Top Drawer Digital Bandcamp. You get 4 tracks to download straight away before the full album release on 12/10/20

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