ActRaiser – Short Stories (Kraak Records)

If you’re looking to use the power of music to lead you away from all of the worries in the world right now, look no further than ActRaiser’s brand new Trip-Hop album ‘Short Stories’ on Kraak Records to do just that!

ActRaiser’s new 10 track album was created to go hand-in-hand with the slower pace of life and to temper the uncertainty felt by so many with all the goings-on in the last year, hence the decision to head down a route that was heavily influenced by ’90s Trip Hop listened to in his youth. The route he took not only brought about a warm, welcoming and old skool sound, but also an old skool approach as he opted to go computer-free and instead use his brand new Synthstrom Deluge to create his masterpiece. In speaking to Kraak Records about his album ActRaiser mentions:

“The album was not only a way of learning how to use the Deluge, but also a way of focusing my mind and lifting my spirits during the lockdown. I set out to create something that sounded organic; something that would evoke images of late-night campfires, walks in forests and on beaches, cosy nights indoors listening to dusty old vinyl records while all the time appreciating the world around us – especially during these strange times – and I hope it will have a positive effect on anyone who listens.”

I can confirm that after listening to the entire album back-to-back without hesitation, the ‘positive effect’ ActRaiser hoped he would deliver has been delivered by the truckload and it just keeps on coming the more you listen! Normally I would pick out a few favourites when sharing an album, but it is impossible to do so on this occasion because every track is of the same high calibre and quality as the next and each one takes you on a magical mind-wandering journey all of its own. If the struggle is real right now, I promise one listen to ‘Short Stories’ will only help create a happier state of mind. Stay strong and stay safe folks.


Buy Short Stories here on Bandcamp.


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