Advent Day 13: Hexadecimal – Classic Breaks (Live recording from Global Breaks Festival Nov ’20)

As we pass the halfway point of our advent giveaway of music, we head down under to catch up with New Zealand based Brit Hexadecimal for day 13.

His offering is a classic Breaks set that was recorded live back in November when his Global Breaks Festival took place over on Twitch. The online party brought the Breakbeat family together for 2 whole days of fun and bass with DJs stepping up one after another to keep the party vibes flowing. Hexadecimal’s set sees him select some of his personal favourites from the world of Breakbeat and as you’re about to hear, they’re the kind of Breakbeat tunes all of us die-hard fans love to listen to! Because the set has been recorded from Twitch, you will hear a bit of chat from Hexadecimal throughout, but that is the way of things these days with many DJs choosing to connect with their fans and followers who religiously turn up in the chatroom to support them while they entertain us.

Hexadecimal had been off the Breaks radar for a good while, but his love for broken beat music returned with force, so much so that he started his Saturday morning streams on Twitch (for us in the UK) and he has started making music again! His Super Funk EP is the latest off his production line and you can check it out right here:

More new music is on the way, so hit the Bandcamp link below and give him a follow so as not to miss out on that and buy his Super Funk EP if you so wish. While you’re hitting the links, tap the Twitch one and follow him there also so you can be notified when he next goes live.


Links for Hexadecimal :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitch

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