Advent Day 14 – Alan Cross: Shoot The Sun

Alan Cross  is a regular contributor to our Advent Days giveaway on LSM. He is of course the head of the Census Sound Recordings record label releasing quality progressive sounds for the last few years and a musician under his Alan Cross name and others like SubShaka and Dirt Revolver.  We asked him for a track this year but he has been so busy getting married and things like that we didn’t expect anything from him.

Then bam he sends us a track he has been sitting on for about a year not knowing what to do with and, being the super generous guy he is, he gives it to us and by extension all of you lucky people. And it’s a corker of a track a chugging throbbing piece of progressive house channelled by Giorgio Moroder – titled by his then 5 year old son as “Shoot The Sun” it’s a family affair as all good parties should be around Xmas. Thanks for the title Joel and we are all glad it is finally seeing light of day.


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