Advent Day #16 – Sid Wesley – The Golden Hour DnB Mix

Advent Day #16 has rolled around and for this one, it’s a mix from me titled ‘The Golden Hour’. The thinking behind it goes a little something like this…

As we all know, the party season is fully upon us so I’ve assembled some of my very favourite Drum n Bass tracks for ‘The Golden Hour’, that hour where you know that by the end of it you’ll be stepping out of the front door to have what you hope will be one the best nights ever. The mix comes with super high energy and is created just to keep you bouncing along while showering, bathing, shaving, choosing what to wear, opening the front door to your mates so they can bounce too and it’ll still keep you going while you make your way to the halfway point of merriness, right up to the point where it’s time step outside to go show the dance floor what you’re made of! This mix is all about party vibes and good times so please enjoy and as always, rave safe!

Download the mix here via our Hearthis page.

Tracklist :

01. Ray Charles & The Blues Brothers – Shake Your Tail Feather (Father Funk Remix)
02. Dub Pistols vs Electro Swing Circus ft. Bella Belle & Rodney P – Mucky Weekend (Mista Trick Remix)
03. DJ Wood – Jam Jam
04. General Narco – Dub In The Arena
05. Dub Pistols – Killa Sound (Leeroy Thornhill Remix)
06. Dub FX – Don’t Give Up (The Funk Hunters Remix)
07. Some DJ – Arrested Everyday
08. Too Many T’s – Running Wild (Featurecast Remix)
09. Phibes – Keep A Cool Head
10. Dancefloor Outlaws & JFB – Israelites
11. Lack Jemmon – Take It To The Floor
12. Prince Fatty & ODB – Shimmy Shimmy (Featurecast Remix)
13. Stickybuds – Don’t Deny It
14. B-Side – G-Thing
15. Leygo –
16. Dominator & Logan – Jump
17. Marten Horger – LGFU (Hashtag Gurner Remix)
18. Drumattic Twins – Meeting Point (Utah Saints Remix)

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