Advent Day 19: Dovetail (Sam Warren)

Dovetail is Sam Warren who I’m sure lots of the LSM posse know. For those who don’t she has been a constant presence on the breaks and tech funk scene for many years. She’s a particular supporter of women DJs and musicians through her series of podcasts “in the Key of She” , one of whom will appear here on Xmas eve.

The mix is a glorious jump around breaks/tech funk/techie/dubby mash up of everything that is good about the music world at the moment and might make you forget about the last year a bit. Starting from the blistering Alt A remix of Perpetual Present’s One Way it moves into her own track Keep Your Disdance (as I write this No1 in Beatport’s Top10 Break releases) on BreakWind records (no sniggering at the back please). The tracklist flies through a great selection including a whole host of Diesel Recordings releases, surely one of the best and forward thinking breaks labels around at the moment. The mix doesn’t slowdown right to the end and leaves you wanting more.


Perpetual Present – One Way (Alt-A remix) [Diesel Recordings]Dovetail – Keep Your Disdance (Original mix) [Break Wind Productions]Lydia Eisenblatter – Modulate (Original mix) [OAM]
Will Clarke – Let’s Rave (Meg Ward remix) [Trick]
Sasha Dog – Chasopys (Windom R Remix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
3Mušketers – Free Cocaine (free download)
Caribou – Sunny’s Time (Logic 1000 remix)  [City Slang]
Nova, Lau.ra – Get Creative (Cousn Extended Remix) [Needwant]
Windom R – Diesel Funk (Original Mix) [Diesel Recordings]
Desert Sound Colony, Baby Rollen – Beta Burner (Original Mix) [Futureboogie Recordings]
Jesse Jacob & YIRI – Abundance [via Bandcamp]
Black Girl / White Girl – Fool’s Paradise (Original Mix) [Urban Kicks Recordings
Deakaluka – Dirty 6 (Swim INC Remix) [Diesel Recordings]

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