Advent Day 2016 #18 – Sid Wesley – Eastfields 2016 Mix

Advent day #18 has rolled around and for this one, here’s a mix from myself. Even though I’ve blogged a couple of my mixes before it still feels awkward biggin’ up myself, so I’m not going to. What I will happily big up though is the music that’s in this mix that was recorded live at a friends private festival not too far from where I live, that sits in a perfect location and is attended by some real sound folks that don’t mind me turning up and playing them some tunes to dance to. In my mix, you’ll find some of my very favourite tunes out of my personnel collection. It kicks off with some Funky Breaks and builds up-tempo as it goes which leads on to some heavier Breakbeat action around the halfway point and through to the end. Hope you enjoy the music and from me, to you all, have a very happy Christmas.

Download my mix here from our Hearthis page.


1. 54-46 – Toots & The Maytals (Krossbow Remix)
2. Black Betty – Ram Jam (Phibes Remix)
3. Blackstepper – X-Ray Ted
4. Ian’s Delight – Bobby C Sound TV
5. Teen Spirit – Phibes
6. Poison – Mr Rich and The Caretaker
7. Happy Days – Pirate Jams (Howla Remix)
8. Sound Around Town – Mooqee, Herbgrinder (Funkanomics Remix)
9. Blue Monday – New Order (B-Side Remix)
10. Red Shoes – Dr Packer Tribute Mix
11. Alphabet Street – Prince (DJP Remix)
12. People Everyday – Arrested Development (David Grant Edit)
13. I Got 5 On It – Utah Saints, Rory Lyons (Pimpsoul Remix)
14. Simply Playing ft. Real Elements – A.Skillz & Beatvandals
15. Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin (Pecoe Edit)
16. Get Up On Your Feet – FDEL
17. Washed Car – Jayl Funk
18. Apache – The Sugar Hill Gang (TWOGOOD Remix)
19. Galaxy 2000 – War (Plump DJs Remix)
20. Funk Hits The Fan – Plump DJs
21. Torque Of The Devil – Plump DJs
22. Creepshow – Plump DJs (Soul Of Man Remix)
23. Can’t Give You Up – Drumattic Twins
24. Disco Daze – Jem Stone & J.C
25. Need 2 Disco – His Majesty Andre, Elite Force
26. Fenaton Demented – Umek, Elite Force
27. A Random Slice Of Funk – Phunk Investigation, Elite Force
28. You Need Some – Prok & Fitch, Alex Di Stefano, Elite force
29. Roll Player – Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie (Specimen A)
30. Gunclub – Sam Hell
31. Seven 10 – Access Denied, Atomic Hooligan, Elite Force
32. Bangkok State – Elite Force & Friends
33. Brainfreeze – Rich Justice Force
34. Breathe – Dylan Rhymes & Jono Fernandez (General Midi Remix)
35. Baambadda Fresh – Beat Tempest Remix
36. Zero Emit/Collect – Paul Oakenfold (Rennie Pilgrim’s Agatha Stomp)
37. Loving You – ILS (Atomic Hooligan Remix)
38. Inflow – Quadrat Beat
39 – Protest Dirty – 601

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