Advent Day 9: Musicoleptik – Wistful

I reviewed one of Musicoleptik’s many releases a few years ago when he was playing at Techno Sundays at Cafe1001 in Brick Lane, London spinning tracks that were more melodic than the backroom techno.  Although he has moved his music to more downtempo electronica (he still plays sometimes at Cafe1001 at their connected Yellow Tulip event – sadly not at the moment for obvious reasons) he found a track that he thought was more appropriate for us and it’s a cracker and exclusive to us.

The track reminds me a bit of Sebastian Mullaert until that warm deep bass kicks in like a blanket enveloping you whilst at the same kicking you out of bed with its rhythm. He called the track ‘Wistful’ but, although there’s a slight sense of melancholy in the melody, there’s nothing wistful in its intention – which is to make you move.

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