Aeon Four – Cities EP

Atmospheric jungle in a variety of tempos. The amazing Aeon Four ‘Cities EP’ is out now on Boomsha Recordings and your ears need it!

As the Boomsha imprint gets closer to a decade of music, the releases keep getting better each time. Aeon Four’s ‘Cities’ EP features 3 tracks of 140-150BPM Jungle rooted in the experimental and boundary smashing origins of the sound. ‘Water Margin’ has a crunchy, Lo-Fi feel with rapid funky drummer breaks, mellow synths and House music vocals. A dreamy drop with trippy spoken word samples adds to the chilled yet bangin’ vibes of this tune.

‘Jupiter Dawn’ marches into uptempo Liquid Jungle territory with a Foul Play circa 93/94 style mystical steppa-fast, furious and super melodic. ‘Transient’ rounds off a fine EP with rolling 140 beats, MC vocal snippets and a twisted bassline that nods to late 92 gems like ‘Pennywise’ and ‘Jungle Muffin’ Hats off once again to team Boomsha on another stunning release.

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