AK Sports & Kessler-Club Glow Vol 3

AK Sports & Kessler step up to the production desk for ‘Club Glow Vol 3’ giving us all manner of Rave, Techno and Jungle bone shakers!!!

A rousing intro leads into AK Sport’s side of the album and the first track ‘Gudetama’, a power packed opener that takes influence from Trance, Techno, Jungle and Dubstep all in one. Enigmatic organs fill the space between stepping breaks, washes of Roland TB303 and rhythmic dark bass.

‘5AM No Hot Water’ sounds like a long lost Jonny L tune where the music switches from hefty breaks and sirens to the compelling urgency of dark techno riffs. A sweat inducing blast of dark rave for that point when the rave is at critical mass. ‘Yeah Nice One Bra’ lights the cannon for a massive with a capital M techno tune. Quirky samples, the sound of a phone ringing, intense beats and a driving lead riff power this well ‘ard raveosaurus along and you best get out of the way!

‘Only Me Then Only You’ operates from the deeper end of the rave spectrum, a melody rich stomper with an other worldly feel and busy basslines ‘Achilles St’ is the acid muncher of this LP taking the 303 breaks formula into the darkest part of the Jungle ‘Back In The Game’ (which we have had the pleasure of hosting a premiere of) is a fast, uplifting number in the style of Steel City Discs output. Loads of positive vibes coming out of this one

Now its time for Kessler’s side of the album, starting with a cool beatless intro featuring a ton of interesting vox pops. ‘Up The Lagan In A Bubble’ is a short, sweet and deep excursion into the world of Deep Jungle. We’re scratching our heads as to whether or not the title is a reference to DCI Hastings, Line of Duty or the river in Northern Ireland but its a wonderful bit of music for sure!

‘Tribunal’ ramps up the pace and gets super stabby with the hoovers and long, weighty wobs and cool oldskool string sections. ‘The Message’ muscles in with chopped breaks, oldskool hardcore vocal samples and eerie Grime adjacent keys.

‘Onion Muncher’ is Footwork Jungle fire unleashed that captures the 94 Jungle vibe perfectly in the new form of 2021 160BPM bass music. ‘Kindred Spirit’ takes a deep swim into the ocean of Deep Jungle with golden era Bukem influences. ‘Ard Crew’ brings the BPMS down a touch for a deep but dark excursion of pure junglism.

‘Prisoner’ is circa 99 Metalheadz to every crunching beat and menacing bassline taking it back to one of D&Bs finest eras. ‘Stacks’ continues the future focused history lesson with Nu Skool Breaks stylings, a touch of Electro bounce and funky, intricate basslines. And how about an intense blast of Drumfunk to close things out in the fine and fantastic form of ‘Third Eye.’ Nothing short of a masterclass in broken beats! You can purchase a cassette of this amazing LP below!!!


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