Al Storm & Diakronik-Timeless EP

Oldskool Hardcore imprint, Remix Records relaunches with a huge EP from DnB/Jungle don, Al Storm & Diakronik-Three ‘Timeless’ New Tunes!

How about 3 slickly produced, fresh NuSkool Breakbeat Hardcore tunes? Veteran producer, Al Storm collabs with Diakronik for some crisp sounding breakbeat action!

‘Soundbwoy’ opens with Ragga shouts & Hip Hop vox set to some tight amen break bizznizz. A huge eruption of delerious, rush trigger pianos follow, closely followed with a blast of big room rave synth and super euphoric drops.

‘Soul Fever’ builds up with intricate beat mastery, snippets of Landlord riffs and a happy melody. This second EP track has something of a 96 Happy Hardcore vibe albeit at more of a 92 tempo. There’s a definite Impact Recs feel overall, especially with the vocals and piano, a killer tune if there ever was one!

‘Big Bad & Heavy’ finishes off in skankin’, upbeat Ragga Hardcore Jungle fashion. Warm Ska riffs, Ragga Twins style vocals and dubby beats n’ basslines collide in a perfect summertime skank!

This EP has vibes for dayzzz! Get it here

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