Aliens In Denmark – 12 Degrees Of Funk Mix

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Aliens In Denmark are three British dudes, En-Jay Tea, Master Piper and DJ-One who have up sticks and moved to the chilled lands of Denmark. All three guys bring a very vast and varied array of musical tastes and knowledge to their collective. En-Jay Tea’s roots are 80’s Hip Hop and 90’s Big-Beat where as Master Piper’s influences come from Reggae, Jazz, Funk and Soul and DJ-One brings elements of Drum n Bass, Jungle and Breaks. Quite a selection!

This mix posted was recorded for JB13‘s ‘ Broken Racket ‘ radio show on, NSB Radio and features a fantastic selection of funk tracks from many of the finest funksters out there. Top sounds all round from Aliens In Denmark here and it’s mix that’s just going to make you feel so damn good!

Tracklist :

1. Intergalactic (acapella)- Beastie Boys
2. The Phunk Panther – @beat-fatigue
3. Bow Wow – @pigeon_hole
4. Uptown Funk (@thenoisyfreaks remix) – Mark Ronson
5. Get Got – @nickthayer & @a-skillz
6. Walk It – @tom-drummond
7. My Baby – @yanivi
8. Crossover (Instrumental extended mix) – Flowzhaker/Jason Rivas
9. Talkin All That Jazz (Rhythm Scholar @rsremix Funkasonic mix) – Stetsasonic
10. Sixty Night – @fran-deeper & James Rod
11. Ultrafunkula – @armandvanhelden
12. Shake it out – @djrudd
13. Monkey Phonk – @jaylfunk
14. You make my heart go – @cockneynutjob
15. Wigan Out (Skeewiff’s In the KPM Style remix) – @skeewiff vs Shawn Lee
16. Move Your Feet (Acapella) – The 49’ers
17. Teardrops ft. Emily Kay (@jaylfunk remix) – Eat More Cake
18. If You Really Like it – @electrogorilla
19. Summer in the City – @funky_boogie_brothers
20. Soul Feel Free – @laptop-funkers
21. The Badman is Ronnie – @bubaking
22. Give up to Party – @frankeemore
23. Can U Handle it? (Luv U) (@father-funk remix) – @cut-la-roc
24. Get up offa that thing (@neonsteve remix) – James Brown
25. This is how we rock – @myniemo
26. Out of debt – @stickybuds
27. We Got the Funk (@basement-freaks remix) – @jaylfunk
28. Push Up (acapella) – The Freestylers
29. Mr. Brown’s Señora – @ennio-maccaroni
30. Gonnagetya (old Skool mix) – Stex (@young-nrg-productions)
31. B-Boys Exclusive Blend – @funky_boogie_brothers & Keith Mansfield
32. Yeah (acapella – Usher

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