All Good Funk Alliance – Late Night Workshop 26

All Good Funk Alliance are back with another assortment of easy-going and easy-listening tunes on “Late Night Workshop 26”. As always, the internet has been thoroughly searched for the most sublime Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and Trip Hop tracks that have that distinctive cool flow and vibe needed to make these mixes the blissed-out listening experiences that we’ve come to know and love them for. Whether it’s a cosy and lowkey evening, or a long and overdue lay-in, this is series you’ll soon find you want to binge out on! (Stream Only)

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1. Roy Ayers – Life is Just a Moment (Archi Quantized Edit)
2. T-Rex – Jewelry (V’s Electric Blues Edit)
3. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Funk Shot
4. Ron Basejam – Sanfranman
5. Woodhead – What They Want
6. Bad Barbie vs Evil Smarty – Come On
7. MiddleEast – Four Track Mind
8. Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
9. Livingstone & Canosis – Walk On the Wild Side
10. Livingstone & Canosis – Walk on the Wild Side (VIP Rakim Edit)
11. Deer Lick – What Did You Say
12. Roy Ayers – Liquid Love (Mitiko Edit)
13. The Legendary 1979 Orchestra – Put it In
14. Slick Walk – Young Jazzy
15. Deer Lick – 5PM
16. Touchsoul – Headlines
17. Marshall Watson – Your Love All the Time
18. After Hours – Remember Who You Are (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
19. OLDCHAP – Let’s Love
20. Funkadelic – Let Me Ride (The Owl Remake)
21. Dr Dre – Let Me Ride (FM Edit)

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