Ant To Be- Nobody Likes Me (Official Video)

Check out the official video for Ant To Be ‘Nobody Likes Me’, it’s a scary vid for a scarily good slice of NuSkool Breakbeat Hardcore out on Kniteforce!

Taken from the ‘Untitled Riddim EP’ on Knitebreed (part of the Kniteforce group of labels), ‘Nobody Likes Me’ is early darkside breakbeat hardcore right down to the letter. It’s the kind of quirky darkside that made up the early releases on Kniteforce, fast and furious with shades of the Ron Wells ‘Jungle Tekno’ sound of 92/93 and loads of horror movie style stabs.

If you like the video (and we know you did), do check out the rest of the EP, a 4 tracker split two ways by uplifting 92 and dark 93 style hardcore. The production is super crisp and the tunes are just so much fun!

Buy Ant To Be ‘Nobody Likes Me’ From Bandcamp

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