Appleblim – Life In A Laser

Oldskool rave inspired sounds with a futuristic twist. Appleblim paints a picture of ‘Life In A Laser’ with their new LP on Sneaker Social Club

Appleblim repaints and reframes the 90s sounds of Jungle, Techno & Garage with later era sounds like Dubstep. The result is a truly original LP that moves beyond the established and traditional sounds of these genres into something altogether new. The constraints of tempo and signature sound design no longer matter here allowing for a free flowing rich tapestry of sound that reflects the euphoria of 90s rave with the ambience of deeper strains of techno and electronica. It’s like being at the rave but with a new modern and innovative feel that simply can’t be ignored. delve in and enjoy this treat of an album!

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