Aries- Jungle Style LP

Aries unleashes his ‘Jungle Style LP’ to the world on the Born On Road umprint, an LP bursting with fantastic collabs and the very best in junglistic rhythms!

Aries’ new LP represents the summation of an incredible musical journey that spans two decades, 100+ tracks and collabs with the brightest and best the scene has to offer.

A VIP of the legendary ‘Herb Smoke’ can be found on this album as can be collabs with Fleck, King Yoof, David Boomah, Gold Dubs, Kelvin 373, Jinx, Jacky Murda, Serial Killaz, Daddy Freddy, Cheshire Cat, Rony Blue and countless more. As for the style of the LP, it’s an all encompassing one from upbeat Ragga Jungle to bass driven DnB and Liquid influenced tracks like ‘Sundays’ and ‘Falling’

The summer festivals will be lit up with anthem after anthem from this amazing album, slip on a Junglist Movement Tee, get your lighter at the ready, perfect your one foot skank and grab this album!

Buy Aries ‘Jungle Style’ LP on Juno

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