Arther Shillin – Breakbeat Is Back 2020

Arther Shillin is a die-hard Breakbeat fan who has been DJing since 2005 and like many of us Breakbeat fans, he is getting excited about what is currently stirring in the scene with legendary names popping up left right and centre with new music, even some who haven’t released any Breakbeat music for years! Because of the amount of new Breakbeat that has been released over recent times, he has pulled together 28 tracks that he’s picked up in the last couple of months and presented them in his huge 100-minute mix that perfectly showcases why Breakbeat fans all around the world should all be getting excited. A quick look through the tracklist will give you a great indication as to just how heavy the mix is going to be, so turn it up and bring the noise!

There are plenty more mixes to be listened to over on Arther Shillin’s Mixcloud page, so if this one is rockin’ your world like we reckon it will do, pay him a visit and give him a follow by Clicking Here.



1. Bicep – Atlas

2. Bicep – Apricots

3. Stanton Warriors – Somali Funk

4. Future Funk Squad – Lockdown (Plump DJs Remix)

5. OndaMike – Let The Beat Hit Em

6. Digital Bass and Andy Vibes – Yo Retro

7. Guau – No more Acid

8. Suga 7- Thief In The Night

9. Stanton Warriors – Time

10. The Darrow Chem Syndicate and Kid Panel – Bounce Of Thunder (Kid Panel Remix)

11. Guau and The Destroyers – Turn This X Up

12. Echofly and Angie Brown – Higher (Beyond Therapy Rave Mix)

13. Perfect Kombo – Revo

14. SVD Kid – Hard To Believe

15. Ondamike & D reDD – Work It (The Brainkillers Remix)

16. Alco – Encode and Receptor

17. Thunderbug – Thunderbug

18. Lady Shade and Shade K – Hola Hotline (Dub Edit)

19. Hancook – Tentacle

20. Baymont Bros – Clean Up Your Ways (feat. Mowty Mahlyka)

21. Bad Legs – Leathalnes

22.Suga7 and  Yo Speed- funk off

23. Audio Bullys- We Don’t Care (Accapella)

24. Freestylers – Happiness

25. Rennie Pilgrim – Warrior Style

26. Yo Speed, Mutantbreakz, Yo Speed, Mutantbreakz- Enjoy The Memories

27. Destroyers, FM-3 – Ethereal

28. DJ Fresh, Ms. Dynamite – Gold Dust (BBC Live Lounge)

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