ATFC Ft Inaya Day – Mine (Alt-A 2018 VIP)

Diesel Recordings is a brand new label that’s all set to bring you the best in peak time, tech, and deep Breakbeat. The imprint is has started off with the pedal to the metal with a number of releases already under its belt, with one of those being the first in the labels free download series from Alt-A. His 2018 VIP mix of ‘Mine’ by ATFC Feat. Inaya Day very much represents the peak-time side of the label’s output and is a hands in the air banger that’s set to crank up the heat even further this summer.

We’re predicting big things from Diesel Recordings so be sure to hit the links below to keep in the loop of more new music and check out what else has been released on the links below.


Links for Alt-A :

Soundcloud / Facebook


Links for Diesel Recordings :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

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