Attack/Delay/Sustain Vol 1 [Torrexvi]

Torrexvi presents a VA of dark rave influenced Bass & Breaks featuring Skin Teeth, Doc Zee, LMajor, Strange Rollers and more…

If you happen to have heard the excellent music on Torrexvi including a stellar series of DJ mixes, you might have an idea what to expect on this VA. You won’t know just how good this album until you hear and you need to hear it!!! The album features contributions from Skin Teeth, Disaffected, Mani Festo and more over 14 tracks bookended by the mutant Junglism of Proof Of Ten’s ‘Woodsman’ & Skin Teeth’s terror inducing ravefest ‘Tummy Rumble’, flanked by the jagged acid breaks of Disaffected ‘Oh Dear’ and brought to a climax by the mellower melodic tones of Daze Prism ‘Don’t Know Where I’d Be.’

In the intervening spaces, underground Breaks, Bass & Rave kings, Pressa, Borai, Doc Zee and Krytikal/Rawtrachs push the envelope in increasingly underground and versatile directions on a comp loaded with ghoulishly good tunes fit for dim lit and smokey secret locations! 10/10

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