Avante (UK)-Stagger (Ray Mono Remix)

Man of the moment, Ray Mono drops a slick rework of Avante (UK) ‘Stagger’ on Swerve Digital.

A new style of House music is taking off. Deep and bumpy with shades of Garage and Techno woven into rubbery soundscapes and a low end thump. Swerve Digital has been at the forefront embracing this new sound and Ray Mono’s remix of ‘Stagger’ by Avante (UK) exemplifies the best this new evolution of House has to offer. The remix has an immersive feel that conjures up late night raving in the minds’ eye. We love Tech House at LSM but it is undeniably refreshing to hear something that embraces rather than attacks just like this quality production. Hit play and soak up those vibes.


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