Back To The Bass Vol 5 [36 Hertz Recordings]

36 Hertz Recordings presents vol 5 of the ‘Back To The Bass’ VA featuring DnB & Jungle heaters from SR, DJ Vapour, Fringe, Vince Rollin’, Indigo Virus and more

This VA gets off to a furious start with the future retro Jungle sounds of SR ‘We Enter’ where 90s bleeps meet super crunchy drumfunk amen breaks. Delphi Productions are up next with an intense marauding 808 bass assault and teeth smashing drums. Indigo Virus brings the tempo down for some PFM/Bukem esque intelligent jungle. Jem One kicks the speakers in with HARD amens, dark intensity and twisted funk.

DJ Vapour’s ’92 93 94′ is a lively dose of Hardcore Jungle/DnB. As the title suggests, this track brings together the iconic sounds of 3 famous years of the rave era. We get something a bit more chilled from Zippy up next, or at least for the first minute or so before the buzzsaw bass kicks in! Fringe is up next with some super authentic 92/93 era style Jungle Tekno. Everything is absolutely pristine right down to the analogue sound of the breaks, Amiga style samples and the classic dark and light blend of early Reinforced, Ruffige Kru et al

Skru mixes up roots reggea with oldskool subs and gut wrenching tearout bass n’ amens. NC17 get grisly with skull busting mentasms and angry 808s. Veteran Hardcore, Jungle and DnB warrior, Coolhand Flex provides a masterclass in haunting dark yet melodious techstep. Vince Rolin’ opens with ethereal keys in true 94 style before kicking it into 97 with a growling tech rinse out. Then comes this blogger’s favourite track on the album, Sub Fusion, the duo behind the unforgettable ‘Pyschotic Bleeps’ return for something equally as unsettling and every bit as brilliant, these guys are the Lynch of Frost of Jungle & DnB, their music has a heart stopping dream logic that gets deep under the skin and I love it!

Sanz follows with a dubby NuSkool Jungle smasher, a tower of super wobbly subs plus hard and fast breakage. DJ Vapour close the VA with a final blast of gnarly stabs and beat pyrotechnics to send the ravers home happy. IT’s time to get back to this bass!

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