Backbeat Underground – She Don’t Love Me (Like I Do) ft. Aaron Abernathy Remixed

Backbeat Underground are an instrumental Funk band with Soul/Jazz influences and they base themselves in Washington, DC. Now, if you’re in a Funk band as good as Backbeat Underground is and then you set roots in that particular part of the world, it’s not gonna be too long before word on the street gets back to Washington, DC’s top funkatiers, Fort Knox Five.

This is exactly what happened and as soon as the Fort Knox guys got a wiff of what this band are all about, a strong connection was made they knew a release on Fort Knox Recordings just had to be on the cards. Thankfully for all, Backbeat Underground took those cards and returned to lay a killer hand with their scorching track “She Don’t Love Me” featuring one of the finest Soul vocalists around, Aaron Abernathy. “She Don’t Love Me” was released at the back end of 2017 and now in 2018, there’s a couple of red hot remixes to be had by Thunderball and Pecoe.

Thunderball’s remix takes us down a rousing, horn heavy liquid style D n B route and with over two decades of expertise in that very field, their remix is every bit as special as you might expect it to be! Pecoe’s consistency of producing floor shaking Funky Breaks has not gone unnoticed by Fort Knox Recordings and an invite for a remix was duly sent out, received and accepted with great excitement by the Breakzlinkz bossman. The chunky Funky Breaks are once again in full effect in Pecoe’s remix and when you add in another helping of horns and Aaron’s smooth vocal, you’ve got yourself another jam to slam on the dance floor!


Buy the remixes here from various online stores.

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