Bad Tango – Collected Works 2011 – 2017

To celebrate the release of his forthcoming album, UK based Bad Tango has made the very generous decision to give away his entire back catalog of 28 tracks for free on this album ‘Collected Works 2011 – 2017’!

When Bad Tango entered the music world back in 2011, his sound soon attracted the attention of peers in the fields of Psy-Breaks and Tech Funk and his fanbase grew by a healthy amount day after day. Labels like Broken Robot Records, Rune Recordings, YellowFinger, V.I.M Records and In Bloom Recordings to name just a few, all came knocking helped spread his unique, squelchy sound to the masses further.

On this album, you can expect to hear many of his heavyweight originals such as ‘Analogue Hedgehog’, ‘Cortex’, ‘Checkpoint’, ‘Multiverse’ and ‘Omnia’. There’s also a stack of equally huge remixes to be had too of music by Triple Agent, 48k, Too Dusty, Hedflux, Fletric and many more.

If you’re interested in Bad Tango’s new album, hit him up on the links below so as not to miss it when it lands!


Download Bad Tango’s ‘Collected Works 2011 – 2017’ for free, or pay what you like here on Bandcamp.


Links for Bad Tango :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp

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