Barry Ashworth – Jungle Mix – February 2018

After a well deserved winter break, Dub Pistols are back at it again, touring the globe, entertaining crowds at packed out shows, just like they love to do. Frontman, Barry Ashworth, will, along with his fellow band members, be giving 110% at every show. In between shows though, Barry loves to pull together an hours worth or so of his favourite tracks from a particular style of music he’s into at the time.

We’ve brought you Breakbeat, Disco, Bass and Balearic Funk mixes from Barry here on the ward previously, this time around however, it’s all about those raucous Jungle vibes! For those who know the opening track, you’ll know what’s coming, but for those who don’t, don’t worry, the light piano led intro only masks the raw as f*ck heaviness that lies ahead! With so many connections in the music world, you only get quality sounds in a mix from Barry and this new one is packed full of em, enjoy!

There’s a fairly good chance that wherever you live in the world, Dub Pistols may well just turn up to rock a party. That just happens to be what they’re doing currently in the UK with their 2018 tour. So as not to miss them, get them followed on the links below and be prepared to party with the best!


Links for Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)

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