Basement Freaks – Funky Buttons LP (2021 Remaster)

Basement Freaks lush and laid-back “Funky Buttons” LP originally landed back in 2019, but after a recent listen, he felt there were a few tweaks he could make to the music and the artwork, so he revisited both and now presents some dope artwork and those 9 stunning tracks that have been lovingly remastered so that those warm, fuzzy and funky downtempo vibes sound as rich and as inviting as ever. Tracks like the Jazz/Funk fusion of “Attic Blues”, the golden summery glow of “Enuff Love” and the psychedelic Funk trip “Afrodelica”, are just a few from the stunning collection that will take you to that little place of paradise in your mind that pops up when the music is this good!

Buy “Funky Buttons” on Bandcamp here.

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