Bay B Kane- Future Destination Exit 7

Bay B Kane is back with 5 fresh slices of jungle on ‘Future Destination Exit 7′

The EP begins with the 98’ stepping style of ‘Suspect’ with menacing tech-noir gangsta style keys and raucous battle cries.

‘JazzMint’ continues the theme of stripped back darkness with a touch of Jazz filtering in and out of the pacy, rolling breaks- a spot on blend of music and machine that builds and builds into a melodic roll-out.

‘Dark Manors’ features poetic raps set to a classic BBK blend of heavy, layered breaks and booming subs with soulful strings, a tune that will resonate with lovers of any kind of broken beat music.

‘Boxed V2’ wraps a deep, melancholic melody around tidy stepping beats and a familiar movie sample for a thoughtful yet firing midway point in this journey of an EP

‘Mr Lick Gunshot’ sparkles with dark energy through the ominous synths and tough bars that kick things off. Things get increasingly heavy with pulsing basslines and pronounced beats, mixed in with raspy Ragga chants.

‘Reminisce’ closes out the EP in deep, soul tipped fashion with heartfelt vox and sombre keys, tight breaks and snatches of sax for a fantastic finale, the business as usual, go get your copy!

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