Beano, Stammers, Thibor-3 Peas In A Pod EP

Beano, Stammers & Thibor return to 4 The Core with appropriately..four tracks of unique freeform breakbeat/4 beat hardcore!

Zuke In Heaven nods a snapack to the early 90s while deconstructing those early rave sounds into something frantic, left of centre and brilliant-where else could you hear charly the cat, hoover stabs, cinematic melodies and an incredible range of diverse samples? Zuke In Heaven takes a Hip Hop approach to cut and paste sampleology and applies to a bangn’ hardcore framework!!!

Beeno & THibor collab on’THANKS’, a Ragga Tek style tribute to Dido ‘Thank You.’ It kicks off with pounding drums before switching into some seriously rude 94 style junglism with a whole lotta Dido like you’ve never heard her before nor ever will!!!

‘The Ghostbuster’ opens with 93 darkside hardcore style beats and samples from the famous comedy horror classic-a pounding fusion of breaks and kicks that will appeal to fans of 1993 era Kniteforce

‘Tripp Dem’ is the junglistic roller of this EP, a wall to wall avalanche of half time and sped up amens that crunch and roll their way to a section from Ennio Morricone’s ‘Chi Mai’ as made famous by ACEN on ‘Life and times of a ruffneck.’ The remainder of the tune plays out like a furious race to the end with speaker ripping bass interspersed with atmospheric jungle sections. There’s even a bit of 92 era Prodigy style synth action in this one of a kind track!

Buy From Bandcamp Release Date 23/11/18

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