The Beat-Pimp – Pimpology Vol 22 for LSM

Here with the first episode of his ‘Pimpology’ mix series of 2018, is our resident DJ for all things Funk n Bass, The Beat-Pimp. Volume 22 is another journey of flavours and starts out with a good chunk of stone cold Funk. Along the way the intensity itches up a notch each time before a more prominent selection of Glitch Funk tunes kick in hard. If you think that’s as hard as it gets, think again, as following on we’re hit with a barrage of filthy bassline monsters and it doesn’t stop there! To finish ‘Pimpology Vol 22’, it’s all about Jump-up D n B, which closes the mix with a real bang.

Ace stuff as always, so hit the download link so you’ve got this one forever!


Download ‘Pimpology Vol 22’ here.


Links for The Beat-Pimp :

Soundcloud / Facebook


1. Promise – Beat Le Juice

2. Funk Magic – Beat Le Juice

3. Thing – The Fundamentals (Bully Edit)

4. Pain – Rhythm Scholar (Heart Attack Remix)

5. Dont Hold Back – Prosper & Stabfinger

6. Funk Back – The Funk Hunters (Featurecast Remix)

7. Give It A Minute – Fort Knox 5 (Stickybuds Remix)

8. Pull Up – K-Lab (Stickybuds Remix)

9. Party Rockin – The Funk Hunters

10. Ginger Lizard – Opuio

11. Momentum – Kiwa

12. Messy – Crash Party

13. Bad Bitch – Phibes

14. Do You Really – Phibes

15. Blowing Up – Phibes

16. Mans Not Hot – Phibes Remix

17. Crazy – Crash Party

18. Dirty Phibes – Phibes

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