Beats House Remixes #1 (Beats House Records)

‘Beats House Remixes’ is a new 7″ vinyl/digital EP series from Beats House Records and it will see stone-cold Hip Hop classics getting expertly revamped by rostered artists and label owner Djar One. This first vinyl release was originally planned to be limited to 100 copies only, but becuase it snapped up on pre-order in just a few days, the decision was made and a repress was undertaken. I have to be honest and own up to the fact that I somehow managed to miss that, so at this very moment, there are on 18 copies left to own on vinyl!

The music that’s going to make you want to snap up one of those 45’s comes from Djar One, who takes Ultimate Force’s ‘Tuff (So Damn)’ and lays down dope new broken beats and a funky new groove to create a pure party poppin’ jam. On the flip, Kesta’s uptempo boom-bap remix of Large Professor’s ‘Key To the City’ is one that the breakers are gonna want to hear when they’re all set to bust some moves.


Buy both tracks here on Bandcamp.


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