A Beginners Guide To The Cassette Library [West Norwood Cassette Library]

The West Norwood Cassette Library label has put out am incredible selection of multi genre music for a decade. If you’ve been under a rock, their new Beatport chart is the perfect introduction to a label you need to know about!


A techno track like no other, buzzing with electricity, industrial grit and tribal rhythms that will blow your mind! Taken from the Polystructures EP featuring 4 tracks of time and space twisting broken Techno and futuristic grime instrumental. Conventions are ejected at the door for a rich, original fusion of sounds.



Stavrogin-Echo Ins

This speaker wrecking sub bass monster nods a cap to early Meat Beat Manifesto with heavy pitched down breaks, tripped out Warehouse FX and skull shaking subs! Taken from the ‘Leave Us Automated’ EP featuring more experimental excursions into the world of bass n’ breaks. LMajor also remixes Echo Ins into a Future Jungle wob heavy banger!



LMajor-The Future

Straight rudebwouy junglism from a smoke filled arena somewhere back in 94/95. Unadulterated junglist lighter fuel with deep drops, think breaks and bassline murderation!!!! Taken from label VA ‘We Are Family Vol 4’ along with Lo-Fi Jazz House from Boxwork, spacial Detroit Techno influenced broken beats from Tenebre and raw, minimal jungle from Stavrogin.



LMajor-Engineer (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix)

WNCL label boss gives LMajor’s ‘Engineer’ a gritty Bass/UKG rework with a pure pirate radio vibe. Taken from LMajor’s ‘Dig The Nu Breed Pt 2’ EP, a 4 track EP of annihilating Jungle rhythms like the Aphrodite influenced ‘The Power’ and Boxwork’s breakbeat/leftfield house reinterpretation and the original dark bass/breaks version of ‘Engineer.’




Taken from ‘Dig The Nu Breed Pt 1’, this is more of LMajor’s pulse stopping Jungle meets Metalheadz brilliance! Tenebre gets in on the action with another excellent Broken Techno take (watch out for the drop!) while Caldera flips the break mastery of ‘Raving Cru’ into some late night Leftism for the wide eyed crew!



Tenebre-Jungle Frontier

Tenebre dazzles yet again with a garagey Broken Techno beat with a sinister edge. Taken from the raw. skanking grooves of their Territory III EP featuring more of that unique, experimental bass that is a cornerstone of WNCL, the label.




Its Warehouse Techno time with a Leftfield twist. ‘Weirdpeoplescavedance’ is just one gem from the four on Caldera’s ‘134% OK’ EP which include the wonderfully off kilter 1930s piano meets Techno of ‘Switch’ among its unique treats.



Boxwork-Pepper Stalk

Masterful hybrid Techno/Bass from Boxwork taken from ‘We Are Family Vol 3’ featuring high speed bass fueled electronica from Kevin McPhee, Broken Techno on a trip to Detroit c/o Caldera and raw Industrial Electro Techno from J.Tjin



Denham Audio-140 Ruffness

The title says it all on this one! This is Denham Audio to a tee i.e the ruffest, tuffest Jungle at 140BPM! If you love this, you will love the album it comes from. The Breakbeat Compendium is a Junglist wet dream of DJ tools, short but very sweet, each of these tools are crafted to perfection, a testament to the beat making prowess of Denham Audio.



Jesse Kuye-Roast

The weightless bass of ‘Roast’ will go down extremely well with fans of Sneaker Social Club and Keysound, the MC vocal is a rally cry for dance music unity. There’s plenty more of the weightless rave on this 12 track opus and a bit of crunchy Lo Fi Techno, sub loaded Electro and hard n’ fast bangers the likes of ‘Magpie.’


So there you have it, ten reasons to dig deep into the WNCL back cat and load up your cart with bass weaponry!

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